Women.United Video Series: The Rest

Photography by andre&dominqiue

We know International Women’s Day was a little while ago, but because B&T partnered with News Corp’s With Her In Mind Network (WHIMN) to host a special ‘Celebrating Women’ lunch, we’ve still got one last video series to share with you!

All sorts of women from the media landscape listened as News Corp’s Nicole Sheffield announced a brand new WHIMN mentor initiative before the ABC’s Kirstin Ferguson gave a keynote speech that had all the attendees on the edge of their seats.

To keep in the theme of mentors, during the event we pulled a few of the women aside – some with their mentors or colleagues and some by themselves – to pick their brains on inspiring female figures, their best advice and more.

Fred’s is a loud restaurant, so to film these inspirational media women we had to sneak away somewhere quiet. There were a few against a blank wall, a few in Fred’s underground bar and a few filmed in the bathroom. Today, you get a mix of aesthetic bathroom corner and blank walls!

First up in this series of three is Jee Moon and her mentor Holly Cramer, who is a non-executive board director.

Next on the list is Jo Kelly from UBank, who gets to the point pretty damn fast, which we love here at B&T.

And lastly, feast your eyes on Mim Haysom and Jane Merrick, who are cute as buttons together, and have the best advice on how many espresso martinis to drink. The perfect end to our video series, if you ask us.




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