Women Are Gloriously Savaging Discovery Channel’s Sexist Campaign

Women Are Gloriously Savaging Discovery Channel’s Sexist Campaign

It appears Discovery Channel has forgotten a very important scientific fact in its latest ad campaign – the existence of women.

Discovery Channel is known for celebrating the beauty of Earth, yet in its latest spot, the channel somehow forgot about more than half of the population who live here.

In a global re-brand, Discovery launched a new TV ad with the tagline “The world is ours”.

However, apart from one naked woman, the ad only featured men.

Women all over the world are calling out the channel for its highly tone-deaf “bro-fest”, reminding the brand women like discovering things, too.

Science communicator and aspiring wildlife host Ashley Gary was just one of the countless women upset by the ad.

Gary told CNET: “So many girls and women look to that channel for not only entertainment, but information about our world, but yet we weren’t included.”

She added: “If no one else will promote us and our work, we’ll be our own cheerleader and promote ourselves.”

So Gary and a group of other female scientists teamed up to create their own “discovery” video.

Lead by biologist Sarah McAnulty, a group of female scientists, communicators and researchers made their own video to remind Discovery that women are a part of this world, too.

Lip-synced and danced to Eve’s Let Me Blow Ya Mind in their labs and out in the field, you can watch the glorious remake below.

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