Who’s On The Rise, Who’s Fallen, Who’s Gone Nowhere? All The Facts From 2016’s First Radio Ratings!

Who’s On The Rise, Who’s Fallen, Who’s Gone Nowhere? All The Facts From 2016’s First Radio Ratings!

Welcome to a brand new year of radio ratings! Today the first survey for 2016 has been released by research firm GfK and we bring you all you need to know about the big movers and shakers in each market.

Key radio networks:

SCA: Southern Cross Austereo

ARN: Australian Radio Network

NOVA: NOVA Entertainment

Macquarie: Macquarie Media Limited

ABC: ABC Radio


Movement in brekkie: While there was no change from first and second place from the last survey of 2015, SCA’s brekkie team of Fifi & Dave on Hit101.9 The Fox dropped 2.5 per cent to 6.7 – losing third place.

First: Macquarie’s 3AW with Ross & John at 17.8 per cent. This was a drop of 2 per cent from 19.8.

Second: ABC’s ABC772 at 16.3 per cent – increase of 2.6 per cent from previous survey.

Third: SCA’s Triple M with The Hot Breakfast at 8.5 – a drop of 0.3.


Movement in drive: Hamish & Andy maintained the lead, with GOLD’s drive show with Gavin Miller sneaking into third place after a 2.3 per cent increase.

First: SCA’s Hit101.9 with Hamish & Andy at 10.5 – a drop of 2.3.

Second: Macquarie’s 3AW with Tom Elliot at 9.9 – an increase of 0.4.

Third: ARN’s GOLD with Gavin Miller at 9.4 – an increase of 2.3.


Movement in brekkie: ARN’s Kyle & Jackie O bump themselves up again to second place and SCA’s Triple M just beats out ARN’s Jonesy & Amanda with 0.1 per cent. SCA’s new brekkie show of Rove & Sam have remained the same at 3.0.

First: Macquarie’s 2GB with Alan Jones at 16.0 – an increase of 0.8.

Second: ARN’s KIIS1065 with Kyle & Jackie O at 12.5 – an increase of 2.4.

Third: ABC’s ABC702 at 10.5 – a drop of 1.2.


Movement in drive: ARN’s Hughesy & Kate has pushed themselves to first place where they were previously third. ABC’s Triple J snagged a 3.2 increase to come to second place and SCA’s Triple M had a 1.9 per cent increase to 7.3 – a solid jump despite not making it to the top three.

First: ARN’s KIIS1065 with Hughesy & Kate at 11.6 – increase of 2.3.

Second: ABC’s Triple J at 10.6 – increase of 3.2.

Third: ABC’s ABC702 with Richard Glover at 9.8 – drop of 1.1


Movement in brekkie: The top three have remained the same since the survey prior. SCA’s brekkie with Cat & Amos however has seen a healthy 2.4 increase. It brings them to sixth place.

First: ABC’s ABC891 at 18.9 – increase of 1.1.

Second: NOVA’s Fiveaa with David, Mark & Jane at 11.9 – drop of 0.9.

Third: ARN’s MIX102.3 with Jodie & Soda at 11.3 – drop of 1.4.


Movement in drive: Despite not making it to the top three in drive, ABC’s Triple J jumped 2.9 per cent to 10.6. SCA’s Triple M increased 1.5, but was pipped at the post to be in the top three.

First: NOVA’s NOVA91.9 with Kate, Tim & Marty at 14.2 – increase of 0.9.

Second: SCA’s HIT107 with Hamish & Andy at 11.1 – drop of 0.6.

Third: ARN’s MIX102.3 with Hughesy & Kate at 11.0 – drop of 1.5.


Movement in brekkie: ARN’s brekkie show and ABC’s show dropped rather hefty amounts, 2.0 and 3.1 respectively. And SCA’s Triple M increased a whopping 3.4.

First: ABC’s ABC612 at 14.1 – drop of 3.1.

Second/Third: ARN’s 97.3FM with Robin, Terry & Bob at 11.6 – drop of 2.0.

Second/Third: NOVA’s NOVA106.9 with Ash, Kip & Luttsy at 11.6 – drop of 0.3.


Movement in drive: ARN’s 97.3 dropped out of the top three, with ABC’s Triple J taking its place. First place didn’t change.

First: NOVA’s NOVA106.9 with Kate, Tim & Marty at 14.5 – unchanged.

Second: SCA’s Hit105.3 with Hamish & Andy at 12.5 – unchanged.

Third: ABC’s Triple J at 11.5 – increase of 1.6.


Movement in brekkie: Macquarie’s 6PR scored an extra 2.0, bringing it up a few slots to fourth place. SCA’s Hit92.9 had an increase of 1.6. But ABC’s Triple J dropped 2.2. The top three however remain unchanged.

First: ABC’s ABC720 at 16.2 – increase of 1.2.

Second: NOVA’s NOVA93.7 with Nathan, Nat & Shaun at 13.3 – a drop of 0.3.

Third: SCA’s MIX94.5 with Clairsy, Shane & Kymba at 13.0 – increase of 0.5.


Movement in drive: ABC dropped 2.1 to 1.5 per cent to put it equal second to last with ABC’s 6RN. But SCA’s MIX94.5 with Lisa & Pete increased their lead to just snag first place.

First: SCA’s MIX94.5 with Lisa & Pete at 15.9 – increase of 1.8.

Second: NOVA’s NOVA93.7 with Kate, Tim & Marty – increase of 0.9.

Third: SCA’s HIT92.9 with Hamish & Andy at 13.4 – increase of 1.3.

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