“We Jumped In!” Podcast Queens Brittany Hockley & Laura Byrne Are Heading To Radio

“We Jumped In!” Podcast Queens Brittany Hockley & Laura Byrne Are Heading To Radio

Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne’s incredibly popular podcast, Life Uncut is now headed to the radio! 

The Life Uncut Radio will be on KIIS on Saturdays and it is the first show to be launched as part of ARN’S podcast to broadcast strategy.

Hockley and Byrne are both former reality stars, turned influencers, who have made a name for themselves in the podcasting world, so much of a name for themselves they’ve created their own worlds.

Both have huge social media followings and highly engaged audiences, they are celebrities but celebrities you DM about your breakup, accessible and yet aspirational.

The girls started Life Uncut over two years ago and it has already hit well over 10 million downloads and has consistently earned a top-five spot in Triston’s podcast ranker.

The podcast has also spawned a Facebook group that has over 50,000 members. Life Uncut features the ladies sharing the ups and downs of life, pulling back the curtain on what it means to be perfect in our social media drenched times. It’s fun, it’s raw and it’s relatable. 

Basically, Life Uncut is a smash hit and both Hockley and Byrne’s attribute the success to authenticity.

Hockley told B&T: “Authenticity. When people watch a reality show, they think they have an impression of who those people are.

“When we started the podcast, we shared very honest stories about our failed relationships about big life moments that happened, we talked about real things.” 

Byrne added: “There are things that are very heavy and very, very light, the fact we can have both hard and fun conversations is a testament to our audience.”

Still, while it’s undeniable they’ve built an empire and radio does almost seem like a natural progression, the radio world is infamously cutthroat. 

Hockley said: “You have to think twice, we are so unfiltered and so raw in our podcast, but we aren’t nervous, we are excited.”

Byrne told B&T, ” It was just the opportunity. Radio has always been something that has been like – wouldn’t it be great to do that – and it was something Britt and I had spoken about. We were like yeah! We kinda just jumped in.”

While the radio show promises to offer more of the same, they will also be joined by radio host Mitch Churi – aka the man that feels like your best mate! 

As for the addition of Churi both are in agreement that it’s great to have a male perspective!

Life Uncut is taking on a life of its own!

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