Vending Machine Sells 100 Fake Instagram “Likes” For A Dollar!

Vending Machine Sells 100 Fake Instagram “Likes” For A Dollar!

Do you like to celebrate your fascinating life and the incredible restaurants you eat in by photographing the lot and posting it on Instagram or Twitter? Yet, sadly, you’ve got so few followers no one ever likes your fabulous posts or gorgeous selfies?

Well, it’s technology to the rescue with the news new vending machines have launched that enable friendless social media addicts to BUY likes to their posts!

Apparently, the vending machines are all the rage in Russia where for 50 Russian Roubles ($A1.14) customers can get 100 fake Instagram likes for a picture and for 100 Roubles ($A2.28) they can gain 100 new followers they’ve never met!

Watch the future unfold in this instructive video below:

The vending machine also takes selfies, prints Instagram photos and sells fake followers and likes for Russia’s social networking site VK.

It’s all the work of a company called Snatap who report there are 20 of the machines operating in Russia with strong demand coming from Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.


But it’s not all selfies and fake friends. According to some media reports users of the machines have become victims of Spam attacks. Apparently, when you sign into your Instagram account you fast find your account sending out advertisements for a plethora of Snatap’s clients. Be warned, Grammers!

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