TubeMogul Creates Infographic To Try Make Sense Of The Programmatic TV Landscape

TubeMogul Creates Infographic To Try Make Sense Of The Programmatic TV Landscape

If ever you’ve been confused as to who is wading into the programmatic TV landscape, programmatic company TubeMogul has done the hard work for you and divulged a massive infographic of the current landscape.

There’s been confusion around what constitutes programmatic TV and who is playing in what pool.

“A vast and complex ecosystem has made it difficult for the TV industry to embrace technological innovation,” said Sam Smith, managing director for TubeMogul in Australia and New Zealand.

“Moreover, its sheer size and scope has made it an equally challenging landscape for advertisers to navigate and understand which major players they need to engage in order to reach consumers with their brand message.”

However, The Wall Street Journal earlier this year said the concept of programmatic TV was still stuck in “first gear” and not widely talked about.

Noting TubeMogul was one of the companies that has launched a programmatic TV offering – alongside MCN and Adap.TV – the WSJ’s Mike Shields noted many TV networks, albeit in the US, haven’t wanted to change up their business models and allow advertisers to “cherry pick” which ad spots they want in which TV shows.

“Instead of just selling you ads in shows that reach women ages 18 to 49, the thinking went, networks can sell you ads in shows that are watched by people who like salad dressing and healthy eating,” wrote Shields.

“This is happening, but slowly, with some hesitancy on both sides, say experts. The TV networks have a lucrative business model they don’t want to wreck, and are wary of letting advertisers cherry pick ads in specific shows, while ignoring the rest,” he added, referencing quotes from Mike Dean, vice president of programmatic and data-driven sales at US ABC.

Similarly, MediaPost reported that while programmatic TV was definitely here, more education is needed.

Nevertheless, the above infographic definitely gives the industry a guideline on to who’s doing what and where.

Download the infographic here.

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