Tracey Spicer Vows To Out Next Media Predator Before Christmas

Tracey Spicer Vows To Out Next Media Predator Before Christmas

Following on from the recent heinous revelations over Channel Nine celebrity Don Burke’s prolonged harassment of women, Tracey Spicer -who’s vowed to ‘out’ as many as 65 senior men in media for misconduct – is set to publicly name her next accused.

The veteran news reader claims to have compiled more than a 1000 complaints from women who’ve worked in media that have been victims of anything from male bullying right through to criminal indecent assault.

In an interview with WHO magazine, Spicer said: “The next story will be imminent, within the next couple of weeks.”

However, Spicer has warned that her attempts to “name and shame” men accused of workplace impropriety could take months, if not years, due to the legal ramifications.

“This could be five to 10 years. I know media organisations have covered up incidences like this for a long time, but the floodgates have been opened. I see this going for a long, long time,” she said.

Spicer has claimed that powerful men often get away with their indiscretions due to a “boy’s club” mentality in media and powerful circles operating in the boardrooms.

“It’s time to start talking about whether there should be an inquiry or review or commission into the protection racket that has existed in the media,” Spicer said.

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