Top 20: The Brands The Ys Regard As “Cool” (& Why It’s Bad News For Car Makers)

Top 20: The Brands The Ys Regard As “Cool” (& Why It’s Bad News For Car Makers)

A new study into Millennials’ satisfaction with brands has revealed the Ys are huge fans of ride sharing platform Uber, making it the fastest improving brand when it came to customer satisfaction.

But as Uber is the fastest growing brand in the satisfaction stakes, when it comes to the number one brand the Ys are most satisfied with then YouTube takes top spot.

The latest YouGov BrandIndex (check the study out here) looked at recent Millennial customer data for over 1500 brands in the US for the first six months of 2017 and compared the data to the same time last year.

To participate in the survey, respondents had to have purchased from the brand over the past 12 months.

Uber made the largest customer gains since the first half of 2016, climbing eight percentage points to 26 per cent of all Millennials recently using the service.

Its main rival in the US, Lyft, made the third biggest leap at six percentage points, putting it at 12 per cent. Fellow sharing economy brand Airbnb made the list as the 12th biggest gainer.

However, the ride sharing firms’ gains are the auto manufacturers’ losses, with no car maker in the top 20 gainers, the closest being Audi at number 36. Check out the top 20 improvers below:


Probably the biggest surprise of the list was sportswear giant Adidas’ improved standing. Often thought of as “something their parents wore” by Millennials, it came in the top 10 brands when it came to improvement. Puma and Ace Hardware were also two “legacy” brands that polled well.

However, when it came to actual brands the Ys thought of as cool (or has the highest current customer scores), the typical tech suspects ruled the list (see below).





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