Toddler Causes Mayhem Live On Seven’s Morning Show

Toddler Causes Mayhem Live On Seven’s Morning Show

A TV presenter and model has sat through a hilarious and disruptive interview on Seven’s The Morning Show thanks to her young daughter.

Laura Csortan, who also happens to be a former Miss World Australia, appeared on the program with her daughter Layla yesterday morning to chat about the highs and lows of motherhood.

However, within 60 seconds of the toddler running onto the set to join her mother, she’d bumped her head on a glass coffee table and started to undress Csortan, revealing her bra.

Csortan managed to wrangle her daughter with the help of The Morning Show co-host Kylie Gillies, before little Layla managed to get her foot tangled up in her mum’s microphone cord, forcing one of the show’s crew members to come on set to fix the issue.

Both Gillies and co-host Ryan Phelan couldn’t contain their laughter throughout, while Layla spent the rest of the segment running around the set.

However, the bright lights in the studio proved a welcome distraction to Layla for the most part while Csortan finished her interview, who – to her credit – handled her child’s antics superbly.

You can watch the full version of the interview below.


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