The Zoo Republic, M&C Saatchi And Carat Celebrate BWS’ Birthday

The Zoo Republic, M&C Saatchi And Carat Celebrate BWS’ Birthday

People don’t care about a brand’s birthday – until you pay them that is! 

Cheeky, rebellious and a smash hit, the BWS Pay-For-Hooray Birthday promotion shows that not every promotion needs to be easy and instantaneous. Requiring effort can work extremely well and give you an ice-bucket-load of content to keep the party going long after the first clink of champagne. How? It’s all about the perceived chance of winning; the effort required must match the reward being offered.


For their 21st birthday, BWS and their long-standing agency village, comprised of The Zoo Republic, M&C Saatchi Sydney and Carat, partnered once again, to run a unique promotion, aimed at celebrating their birthday in an authentic and unconventional way. To enter, anyone over the age of 18 could create content and upload it to the promotional site. 

From writing BWS a birthday message, to baking a cake, right through to the Birthday Bonanza (jumping out of a birthday cake in front of a BWS store, signing, dancing, holding a sign and in a birthday outfit) the promotion set tasks for people to complete, video and submit to win cash – with rewards ranging anywhere from $10 to $5,000. All entries into the competition were also entered into the $21k weekly major draw prize.

The response was overwhelming, proving that people really do care about a brand’s birthday, when you pay them to celebrate. With $384k in prizing, the promotion was only live for three days before discussions around adding additional prizes were being had to increase the overall prize pool by 30 per cent. 

Exceeding the client’s entrant objective by nearly 100 per cent, so many people wished BWS happy birthday, that we would be able to fill Sydney Harbour’s famous Opera Bar with party-goers, every night for over a year! Creating approximately 51 hours of user generated content, across thousands of videos, BWS now also have access to a bank of assets with which they can share in their social community.

Anna Webster, head of marketing at BWS, said: “To have a choir of 21 people sing us happy birthday in public, to the thousands of BWS birthday cakes that were baked, we were overwhelmed by the amount of birthday love we received and the genuine messages, effort and creativity that was shared. At BWS we are all about bringing the vibes and allowing our customers to celebrate with us, and what better way than to give back to those who have been with us for our young history.”

With The Zoo Republic leading the promotional strategy, M&C Saatchi Sydney leading the brand and creative strategy, creative development and production, and Carat spearheading media, it turns out that the recipe for success is to ask people to bake a cake.


Anna Webster – Head of Marketing

An Le – Head of Brand

Jackson Young – Senior Brand Manager

Charlotte El Baz – Brand Manager

Malina Yi – Brand Manager

The Zoo Republic

Claire Bezuidenhout – Account Service Director

Emily Richardson – Senior Account Director

Patrick Kenny – Senior Account Manager

Dan McFarlane – Commercial Director, X Collective

Kiel Van Daal – Technical Director, Roilti

Steph Quinn – Client Services Director, Pilgrim

Rae Goode – Account Manager, Pilgrim

M&C Saatchi

Cam Blackley – CCO

Avish Gordhan – ECD

Brendan Donnely – Creative Director

Laura Brown – Senior Art Director

Tom Bradbeer – Senior Copywriter

Simone Cherry – Design Director, Craft

Matt Harrington – Craft designer

Vanessa Boueyres – Managing Partner

Helene Ioakimidis – Group Account Director

Katie Lockwood – Senior Account Manager

Saskia Meagher – Senior Account Manager

Rachael Fraser – Head of Planning

Amy Grant – Senior Strategist

Francisco – Social Media manager

Alison Dunlop – Integrated Producer

James Jamias – Design Director

Ryan Donnelly – Integrated Designer

Ming Chang – Integrated Designer

Soraya Ouzaria – Motion Designer

Kai Faulkner – Motion Designer

William Gembitsky – Motion Designer

Richard Hughes – Senior Retoucher

Matthew Cox – Retoucher

Production Company – Mint Films

Tom Spark – Director

Nick Mutton – Producer


Christian Fox – Client Partner

Megan Suriadji – Client Executive

Ellishia Maher – Client Executive

Isabelle Bryce -Client Associate


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