The Smartphone Has Revolutionised Marketing As We Know It: Google CMO

The Smartphone Has Revolutionised Marketing As We Know It: Google CMO

Welcome to the third instalment of B&T’s video series IN THE KNOW. The series – brought to you by the fine people at film production company In The Thicket – is designed to give professional tips to modern-day marketers among B&T’s readership.

In today’s episode we speak to Google Australia’s head of marketing, Lucinda Barlow, who says smartphones have utterly changed the playing field for marketers and what they can do for customers.

Barlow says what a phone can do these days to say five years ago is “incredible”.

“People are living on mobile, they’re expecting they can act in a moment, they’re empowered, they can get instant information, they are much more loyal to their need at that moment than a brand they have used before that they are loyal to,” Barlow said.

“As a marketer you always need to think the best thing you can do is solve your customer’s needs, to understand them; to solve their needs that’s about being conscious of the mind set, of the situation, even of the location that your audience is in and that’s completely changed how we (at Google) do our marketing.

“It’s meant that we’ve got to rely on much more scalable ways to get really thousands of creative elements out… but technology is great for doing that,” she said.

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