Stop What You’re Doing! It’s Siteimprove’s SEO Cannonball

Stop What You’re Doing! It’s Siteimprove’s SEO Cannonball

There’s nary a soul in the media landscape who doesn’t appreciate the importance of SEO in conveying your company or brand message. And without making the most of SEO, let’s be honest, you’re not even getting within cooee of your peak audience.

But what does really effective SEO look like? Well, put simply, using a thorough enterprise SEO platform can increase efficiency and productivity and help to reduce time and errors when managing organic search campaigns.

But where do we find such a solution, we hear you implore? Well, Siteimprove have a brand new product that has all the answers. Sure, there’s other SEO offerings out there in the market, but Siteimprove offers not just a standalone SEO solution – it offers an overall website performance portfolio, with SEO as part of the Digital Certainty Index (DCI)  providing a score, complete with country and industry benchmark.

“In general, the DCI score provides actionable recommendations that give you a place to start right away for working with best practice SEO,” Toni Wenck, Siteimprove SEO product expert explains.

There’s clear logic behind the development of the new product offering too, according to  Wenck.

“We have worked closely with existing customers to develop the new product and our test users have given really positive feedback on the new Activity Plan feature in particular. The new product is a great way for marketing professionals and media agencies to streamline workflows and get a visual overview when working with best practice SEO, bringing together all the key elements in one place. Activity Plans also allows teams to allocate tasks to relevant team members, for a more efficient approach to SEO, Wenck says.

And it’s a jungle out there, so take note marketers, this is very important. As Haley Doel, Siteimprove’s regional marketing specialist APAC emphasises, “The Australian online landscape is fiercely competitive, with 20,405,000 people actively surfing online in February 2018 alone. It is now more important and challenging than ever for business to be found online, and this needs to be done in the most efficient and cost effective way to remain competitive.”

We see your ears have pricked up, so now seems a good time to explain exactly what Siteimprove can do for you and your clients – and how the company can make your website stand out. Here’s five important things for starters.

1. It audits your website’s search engine readiness 

The fundament of every good strategy is a thorough assessment of what’s there. This isn’t different for Search Engine Optimisation: Before you dive deeper into a universe of keywords, rankings, and content optimisation, it’s crucial to know where you and your sites stand when talking search engines. Siteimprove SEO incorporates a comprehensive on-page audit consisting of 66 diagnostic checks separated into four main categories: Technical, Content, User Experience, and Mobile.

2. It allows you to prioritise & take action with practical recommendations 

Well-informed decisions and successful strategies come easier with a solid knowledge base. Combining continuously refreshed audit insights and the unique DCI scoring model, Siteimprove SEO provides actionable recommendations that give you a place to start right away.

3. Siteimprove reshapes your SEO workflow 

Ironically, it’s those who work on improving a website’s structure and search engine visibility that oftentimes have to deal with unstructured and non-transparent processes. Siteimprove’s Activity Plans are aiming to put an end to this allowing users to customise and optimise their way of working with SEO.

4. It’s content optimisation made easy 

An effective content marketing strategy should start with keyword and user intent research. Through a direct integration of Google’s Search Console, Siteimprove SEO helps you understand how the world’s most popular search engine and its users see and — more importantly – find your website.

5. Connect the dots between high-quality content, search engine traffic, and website performance 

With its customisable Activity Plans, Siteimprove SEO offers an intuitive way to monitor, track, and showcase overall progress of your search engine optimisation efforts. But it doesn’t stop there: Integrating with Siteimprove Analytics will allow you to understand the true contribution of SEO to your most important KPIs such as visits and views.

Essentially, Siteimprove’s new platform will change the way you work with SEO. In short, it provides Activity Plans allowing you to customise your team’s SEO workflow from start to finish. It has Keyword Insights that help you meet your target audience where they are. There’s Competitor Analysis which help you get ahead of your biggest (and smallest) competitors. And there’s content optimisation that lets you enjoy A to Z content creation.

“Having a more robust SEO solution, that is part of a comprehensive website performance platform means you would use less tools to get your SEO effort done,” Wenck concludes.

Curious to know more about Siteimprove SEO? Join Siteimprove SEO Product Expert, Tonni Wenck for a live webinar, May 9 from 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. AEST. Read More and Register

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