The New “Woke” Wiggles’ Salaries Have Been Leaked

The New “Woke” Wiggles’ Salaries Have Been Leaked

The salaries of the new and more diverse Wiggles has allegedly leaked and if they are to be believed the new Wiggles are being paid significantly less than the original members.

Women’s Day reported that, allegedly, the more diverse Wiggles are earning around 150k a year, in comparison to Emma Watkins, aka the yellow Wiggle who is earning around $750,000 a year. 

Women’s Day also did not reveal its source. 

The news comes after last week’s announcement of a whole new era for the Wiggles with the inclusion of four new and diverse members: Chinese-Australian Kelly Hamilton as the Yellow Wiggle, Taribelang woman, Evie Ferris as the Blue Wiggle, former Justice Crew member, John Pearce as the Purple Wiggle and 15-year-old, Tsehay Hawkins as the Red Wiggle.

 The announcement of the new lineup made headlines seemingly everywhere, even right-wing politician Matt Canavan shared his feelings on the lineup

The new members will now be appearing on The Wiggle’s new youtube channel Fruit Salad TV  and seemingly be performing the same role as the original members.

News, reported that original blue Wiggle and founder, Anthony Field, said: “I looked around the world and I thought, we have to reflect our audience.

“Our audience is not just one culture, we want children to see a mirror of themselves. I hope people, mums and dads as well, will feel included.”

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