The Australian Koala Foundation Sponsors Junior Wheelchair Tennis Star

The Australian Koala Foundation Sponsors Junior Wheelchair Tennis Star
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The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) has announced a multi-year sponsorship of the skilled junior wheelchair sportsman Benjamin Wenzel.

Ranked number six in the world and number one in Australia in junior boy’s wheelchair tennis, Benjamin brings his exceptional talent and unwavering commitment to the cause of saving the Koala.

Sport has the power to inspire, unite, and ignite change, and Benjamin embodies this spirit.

16-year-old Benjamin Wenzel, junior wheelchair tennis player, has joined the AKF’s Koala Army and expressed his excitement to be raising awareness about Koalas among younger generations.

“I am truly honoured to be supported by the Australian Koala Foundation, as this will be my first sponsorship,” Wenzel said. “Koalas are not just adorable creatures; they are a symbol of Australia, and I am so looking forward to being their ambassador”.

This ground-breaking sponsorship embodies a harmonious merger of sporting excellence and advocacy that aims to amplify the message of saving the Koala.

Deborah Tabart OAM, chair of the Australian Koala Foundation, said the sponsorship will raise awareness about the need to save the Koala and a Koala Protection Act.

“The AKF is thrilled to sponsor Ben as he embodies the spirit of the Australian Koala Foundation,” Tabart said. “I met Ben at Premier Palaszczuk’s Olympic breakfast, and I was just so overwhelmed at his honesty and vision for how he could be the best in his field”.

“Ben is the guiding light for the younger generation, so, with Ben’s support, we will be able to build a formidable Koala Army, united in our mission for the Koala Protection Act, which aims to preserve our beloved Koalas and secure a brighter future.”

The Australian Koala Foundation and Ben are committed to making a lasting impact on the world of sports and Koala preservation, inspiring others to stand together and speak for the Koala.

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