Ten Lifts Injunction Against Daily Mail For Spoiling The Bachelorette Ending

Ten Lifts Injunction Against Daily Mail For Spoiling The Bachelorette Ending

Well, this is our fourth story on The Bachelorette today. We’re on a roll.

In case you missed it, the finale of The Bachelorette aired last night, which saw Sam Frost choose between Sasha Mielczarek and Michael Turnbull.

However, in what fully demonstrated the wrath of The Bachelorette fans, the Daily Mail secured photos of Frost and her chosen man ‘canoodling’ and posted the article with the photos a few hours before the finale went to air.

People went ballistic.

Ten was annoyed, not surprisingly, and issued an emergency injunction against the Daily Mail last night to have the story and subsequent photos removed. Ten won, and the story was taken down.

There have been reports Ten and the Daily Mail  were going to go to court on Monday, however a spokesperson for Ten has this afternoon said the injunction had been discharged.

“Network Ten applauds the decision of the Supreme Court to grant the injunction last night,” the statement said. “At Ten’s initiative we have sought the injunction be discharged given that it has completely served its purpose.

“The outstanding success of The Bachelorette Australia finale confirmed the action. The Supreme Court has appropriately sanctioned The Daily Mail, as has the court of public opinion.”

This morning the Daily Mail said it was going to challenge the injunction from Ten.

B&T has contacted the Daily Mail for further comment.

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