Taco Bell Takes The Sickle To Maccas The Communist Dictator

Taco Bell Takes The Sickle To Maccas The Communist Dictator

Taco Bell in the US has had a massive swipe at arch rival McDonald’s in a new campaign that paints the burger giant as some tyrannical, Stalanist clown.

The ad shows some grey, dystopian society where the less than subtle premise is that everybody’s forced to eat McDonald’s for breakfast, likening it to some Cold War Eastern European gulag.

Check the ad out here:


However, defectors dream of abandoning the evilness that clearly is the sausage and egg McMuffin and dream of breaking free and scoffing  Taco Bell’s A.M. Crunchwrap.

The ad is the latest in a tit-for-tat war in the US to try and win over breakfast goers to the fast  food giant’s brekkie offerings. A war, by all reports, that’s clearly being won by the company flogging burgers.

To Taco Bell’s credit, it never identifies the evil clowns as its arch rival; however, the inference is pretty much inferred.

However, some in the US have argued that Taco Bell may have overstepped the mark in wanting to portray its rival as some evil, demonic, Communist-era villain. Some media commentators argued it’s “insensitive” to the huge number of people imprisoned and killed under post-war dictators.


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