Study: Men Spend $3700 On Their Midlife Crisis, With Holidays, Gadgets & Cars Topping ‘Wish List’

Study: Men Spend $3700 On Their Midlife Crisis, With Holidays, Gadgets & Cars Topping ‘Wish List’

Typically, a man’s midlife crisis (said to hit around the age of 43) means a new motorcycle, an affair with the receptionist and possibly climbing some smallish Nepalese mountain.

However, a new UK study has found that men’s 40-something malady can also translate to big business for canny brands, too.

The study by British vitamins company Healthspan Ubiquinol has found that the average man going through his little life change will spend £2,106 ($A3700) on frivolous activities trying to reclaim their lost youths.

It found that more than half the men polled (respondents had to be over 40) said they’d had a midlife crisis with most saying it hit around the age of 47.

More worryingly, 37 per cent agreed their relationships had lost its sparkle spark. A further 34 per cent said they were more likely to argue with their wife/partner and 20 per cent said they struggled to see the good in their relationships and family life. Nearly half (48 per cent ) said their energy levels had dropped significantly having reached the milestone

The study also revealed the top 20 things men were most likely to buy when ranked with a midlife crisis. The top 20 were:

1. A holiday
2. A new gadget
3. A sports car
4. New designer clothes
5. A motorbike
6. Tickets to a concert or gig
7. Get a tattoo
8. A trip traveling the world
9. Gym membership
10. An Xbox/PlayStation/Games console
11. A designer watch
12. Tickets to a music festival
13. Major renovations to your home
14. Expensive or vintage alcohol
15. Sex toys
16. A new house or property
17. A new hairstyle or colour
18. A musical instrument
19. A new and expensive bike
20. Jewellery

Commenting on the study, psychologist Dr Meg Arrol, said: “Reaching midlife can act as a significant milestone for many men and is a time when some men become keenly aware of their own mortality. T’his can result in a profound sense of turmoil and confusion as life may not have turned out as envisaged

“For some men, a way to cope with these feelings is to make life-changing decisions regarding relationships and money.

“However, this period of introspection doesn’t necessarily have to be negative – for some men, middle age can in fact be positive, leading to more time spent with family, health kicks and getting back to once loved hobbies,” Dr Arrol said.

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