Study: 68% of People In Media & Marketing Likely To Bang At The Office Christmas Party


In one of the more peculiar studies to arrive at B&T of late, a new one out of the UK has revealed which occupations are most likely to get really drunk and pash and/or shag a colleague at the office Christmas party. And, apparently, those employed in media and marketing (that’s you people) are 68 per cent likely to fall into that very amorous category.

However, fear not, according to the study by UK lingerie and sex toy chain Ann Summers, it’s the IT department (at 74 per cent) who are most likely to get moist and cuddly with a colleague at the annual end of year bash.

The legal profession was second at 74 per cent and, interestingly, HR was third at 72 per cent. In fact, media and marketing employees could only muster sixth on the list behind transport and logistics (72 per cent) and then finance (71 per cent).

According to the study the overall percent of people who’d bonked a work mate at the office Christmas ‘do was an impressive 39 per cent.

And where is everybody spreading this inter-office (albeit sticky) festive cheer? Well, according to the study 25 per cent said they’d done it in the office car park and 20 per cent admitted to doing it the company board room! A further 18 per cent said the sweaty indiscretion happened in the storage cupboard and 15 per cent admitted it happened on their own desks! 

More perverse, it was the bosses dipping their pens in the company ink. Some 65 per cent of senior managers said they’d entered a colleague, 28 per cent of directors admitted to it, and 26 per cent of junior staffers.

The full list, according to the 2000 British employees was as follows:

1.      IT (76%)

2.      Legal (74%)

3.      HR (72%)

4.      Transport and logistics (72%)

5.      Finance (71%)

6.      Media and marketing (68%)

7.      Sales (67%)

8.      Business administration (57%)

9.     Health (52%)

10.  Education (45%)

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