How Spotify Used A .Study Domain To Share Its Wildly Popular ‘Wrapped’ Campaign

How Spotify Used A .Study Domain To Share Its Wildly Popular ‘Wrapped’ Campaign

Let’s be honest, research doesn’t always make the most eye-catching of content. No matter how interesting or ground-breaking your study is, it can be hard to get the eye-balls your research deserves.

When we think of study and research, and in particular a .study domain, often our minds flip to the education space, marketers working at educational institutes, government bodies with interested in education and so on.

However, a .study domain isn’t exclusive to these industries. In fact, Spotify used a .study domain to showcase its wildly popular Wrapped campaign, highlighting its yearly results for the past two years.

Spotify’s Wrapped campaign is a great example of a .study domain perfectly aligns with the distribution of reports, data, insights and studies, especially for brands that lie outside of the realm of academia and are looking for a fun and engaging way to promote research.

Spotify ‘Wrapped’ in a nutshell

Back in 2017, Spotify switched out its annual ‘Year in Music’ to create a campaign that captured the attention of consumers, while driving high-levels of engagement. The campaign in question was ‘Wrapped’, and it’s been incredibly successful for the global music streaming service.


Through account data, Spotify users were presented with a highly personalised recap of their listening habits during the year. From minutes of music streamed to top artists, favourite songs and more, the Wrapped campaign was innovative, fun and most of all eye-catching.

Along with the personalised landing pages, Spotify rolled out a major marketing campaign across the out of home space, featuring trends across its entire platform, including emerging themes in user-generated playlists, most popular artists and albums, and everything in-between.


The campaign received an incredible amount of engagement and was run again at the end of 2018.

Why Spotify chose a .study domain

The critical difference between Spotify’s 2017 and 2018 Wrapped campaign was the landing page. In 2018, Spotify chose a .study domain to host its popular Wrapped website.

While the 2018 landing page is both engaging and colourful like in 2017, the newest page offers a cleaner and simpler web address. Ever the creative, Spotify cleverly used the .study domain in its URL name, ending up with as the URL.

Spotify’s catchy URL perfectly showcases how domains can be used to creatively build recognizable and memorable paths to content, and how a .study domain can complement relevant research projects, reports and publications in a fun and interesting way. Check out how Spotify capitalised on the benefits of a .study domain here.

Feeling inspired by Spotify’s phenomenal success? Get your .study domain now!

Top tip: When using a sub-page on your domain like ‘/2018wrapped’, make sure your domain resolves somewhere cool in case people miss the extension! is currently a blank page, but could host a landing page or simply redirect to the Spotify homepage or app download link.

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