Social Media Data Gets Added To EMMA

Social Media Data Gets Added To EMMA

Australia’s cross-platform audience insights survey emma (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) has announced new social media data has now been incorporated into the emma database and is available for subscribers.

The social media data is the latest enhancement to emma data and includes several features such as:

  • Number of connections on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter)
  • Involvement on social media – including uploading photos and videos, updating status and Liking, commenting and sharing social media content
  • Use of apps
  • Word of mouth on social media – including sharing opinions and knowledge of products and services, influence on social media, posting positive and negative comments on products, services and experiences, and seeking information from others on product and service experiences

“The new social media data added to the emma database brings a new level of depth to the valuable insights emma provides to subscribers when creating consumer profiles. This is the latest enhancement to emma, with more to come,” said Ipsos MediaCT managing director Simon Wake.

The emma social media data has revealed some insights into social media usage including:

  • More people aged 65+ have used Twitter in the past month than teens aged 14 – 17 (292,000 versus 269,000 respectively);
  • One in five social media users are actively thinking about buying a smart phone;
  • One in four print newspaper readers enjoy using social media.

Other emma innovations that have been released to date include: the emma Engagement metric; more comprehensive usage and purchase information for key brands within product categories; fusion with Nielsen Online Ratings data; Australia’s largest database of regional and community newspaper readership; readership data on individual branded sections of newspapers;and a new contemporary segmentation of the Australian population with 10 new consumer segments identified.

Other enhancements announced to date as part of emma’s innovation product roadmap include: emma data to be fused into RDA Research’s geoTribes Explorer database, The Health Care and Insurance Australia survey and the Ipsos Food and Health Report.

emma has been developed by independent research company Ipsos MediaCT, the global leaders in local audience measurement. Ipsos conducts national audience surveys and is the official measurement system in over 40 countries including the UK, Italy and France. The emma survey is a monthly release of a rolling 12 month database, is independently audited and built in collaboration with the Media Federation of Australia and Magazine Publishers Australia.

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