Sky Sports Reporter’s Hilarious Revenge Over Male Co-Hosts

Sky Sports Reporter’s Hilarious Revenge Over Male Co-Hosts

Earlier this month, the internet was up in arms over football commentators Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher walking away from their Sky Sports co-host Kelly Cates during a truly odd pre-match segment.

While Cates was talking to Neville and Carragher before the match, the male pair turned their backs on her and walked down the pitch, leaving their co-host standing awkwardly behind.

Though it has since been revealed it was live TV choreography gone wrong, the reaction from fans at the time was savage, with people calling the behaviour “disrespectful” and “rude”.

Taking to Twitter, Cates said it was “one of those things that feels ordinary at the time and looks odd af [sic] in hindsight.”

Last night, however, Cates got her brilliant revenge, which had social media cheering for the sports presenter.

When Neville asked her when the Manchester derby was taking place, Cate saw her moment for payback, swiftly turning her back on her co-host and walking towards a back-tracking camera.

Unable to hide her smile, Cates said: “Wednesday, 7 o’clock on Sky Sports Premier League. Don’t you dare turn your back.”

Viewers around the world couldn’t control their amusement, with the video having been viewed over 2.4 million times and like 50,000 on Twitter.

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