Shutterstock Announces New Branding Breakfast Roadshows

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Brand executives from both Australia and New Zealand will be starting their mornings right this month, as Shutterstock has announced brand new Branding Breakfast Roadshows.

Executives from brands across Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland will gather in their respective cities for informative and insightful breakfasts this month, courtesy of the legends over at Shutterstock.

For the uninitiated, Shutterstock is a leading global technology company offering high-quality assets, tools and services through its creative platform. The company has over 200 million images (including photos, vectors and illustrations) and 10 million video clips in their collection, provided from more than 450,000 paid contributors.

The Branding Breakfast Roadshows, held in partnership with B&T, will be held in Sydney on October 23, Melbourne on October 25 and Auckland on October 30.

Last year, Shutterstock experienced a revenue growth of 12.7 per cent – meaning when it comes to branding, they know their stuff.

These events will dive deep into artificial intelligence (AI) and what it means for brands, and inform attendees on how they can get their content to consumers more effectively than ever before.

Guests at all three events will also be treated to a keynote speech from Shutterstock’s own Grant Munro!

Munro was previously the CEO and founder of Flashstock, and helped more than 250 enterprise marketing teams change the way they think, develop, and source creative content at scale. In July last year, he led the company through a successful acquisition by Shutterstock, and is now the senior vice president of Shutterstock Custom – a custom content creation platform for the world’s leading brands.

During his keynote speeches across the roadshows, Munro will discuss scaling content across multiple channels, and how brands can both understand which types of content resonate with their customers and learn which channels they should be prioritising.

A panel discussion will follow, with special guest speakers announced before the event.

You’ll be able to read all about the roadshows at the end of this month, so stay tuned for more!

Oh, and if you’re a brand and you’re interested in getting involved in the conversation, email for more info.

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