Shout A Mate A Bucket Of Delicious Fried Chicken Every Minute With KFC

Shout A Mate A Bucket Of Delicious Fried Chicken Every Minute With KFC

You’re out at the pub and someone gets up to nab another schooner from the bar. In typical Aussie fashion, they offer to shout you one too.

At least that’s the trend new research from KFC has unveiled, with seven out of 10 people considering the ‘great Aussie shout’ an integral part of our social fabric.

Woven into the Australian culture is a generous nature, and things like buying a beer solo and leaving your mate in the lurch, or showing up to a mate’s place empty-handed, is just not cricket.

Just under a third of those surveyed cite being generous as the main trait they want to be known for among friends, ahead of being independent (27 per cent) or having brains (23 per cent). A massive 77 per cent of those quizzed also admitted to never showing up without a plate to a friend’s place.

On top of that, a quarter of Aussies have repaid the favour five or times more, after receiving a shout from a mate.

So in keeping with this great Aussie tradition, KFC is letting people shout their mates, encouraging people across the country to reach out and shout a mate a bucket of KFC to enjoy together in their Home Cricket Ground (HCG).

As part of this year’s HCG campaign, KFC is launching the ‘Shout a Mate’ promotion.  For the last two weeks of the KFC Big Bash League (11 – 24 January), KFC will let its customers shout their mates a bucket of KFC  every minute – that’s 1,440 per day –  and 20,160 buckets over the fortnight for Aussies to share with their mates.

“We know that KFC is best enjoyed with friends and family, in your Home Cricket Ground,” KFC chief marketing and development officer Nikki Lawson said.

“Throughout January, we’re giving every Aussie the chance to relish the generous spirit and pay forward some Finger Lickin’ Chicken.  We can’t wait to see people enjoying themselves and treating their mates.”

Shout a Mate promotion will be managed through KFC Australia’s Twitter account

To enter, just follow the following steps:

1. Take a photo of your KFC and upload to Twitter

2. Tag a mate you’d like to shout

3. Add the hashtag #theHCG

4. Winning mates can head into store and collect their KFC

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