Seven’s Cats Program Beats Nine’s The Hotplate

Seven’s Cats Program Beats Nine’s The Hotplate

More people tuned into Seven’s broadcast of Cats make you laugh out loud than Nine’s reality cooking show The Hotplate last night.

The preliminary figures from OzTam this morning show Cats make you laugh out loud was the most watched non-news program for the night, achieving nearly one million viewers (917,000 according to OzTam).

Nine’s The Hotplate snagged the title of second most watched non-news program with 839,000 viewers.

Per TV guide site YourTV, both programs began at 7.30pm on Tuesday evening, with Cats finishing at 7.30pm, 10 minutes before The Hotplate.

Seven managed to just win the night with a daily share of 28.9 per cent. Nine came second with 27.3 per cent, with Ten third at 20.1 per cent, ABC fourth with 16.9 per cent and SBS fifth with 6.9 per cent.

Seven announced its intention to broadcast the reality cat show when numbers for its reality cooking show Restaurant Revolution were pretty dismal, dropping the show down to just one episode a week.

Nine’s The Hotplate has been achieving relatively solid numbers this past week amidst a legal furore which saw Seven take Nine to court alleging The Hotplate had copied Seven’s ratings bonanza show My Kitchen Rules.

Last week the judge overruled Seven’s case, allowing The Hotplate to stay on air.

However he did note Seven had an “arguable” case for copyright infringement.

In case you missed it last night, here’s a preview of Seven’s Cats show.

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