Sandilands Reveals “Grubby” Tactics By Rivals Nova & 2DayFM Live On Air

Sandilands Reveals “Grubby” Tactics By Rivals Nova & 2DayFM Live On Air

Controversial KIIS FM radio host Kyle Sandilands has accused rival networks Nova and Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) of using “grubby” tactics to try to steal clients and A-list talent.

Sandilands aired his frustration at the two networks this morning on his Sydney brekkie show with Jackie ‘O’ Henderson, the Kyle & Jackie O show, after declaring “war” on them earlier this week.

He began by reading out an email he’d obtained from a Nova employee that was sent to one of KIIS FM’s clients:

“Hello. How are you?

Hope you don’t mind me dropping this email. I tried to call yesterday just to touch base, as I noticed [client’s name inserted] you are currently sponsoring one of the segments on the Kyle & Jackie O show.

During the segment on the Kyle & Jackie O show both yesterday and today, a couple of inappropriate/gross conversations were being discussed all while mentioning your company.

Now, please don’t see me as a prude with no sense of humour, because I assure you that this isn’t the case, but as a marketer, I know I wouldn’t want my brand associated with this sort of conversation (i.e. masturbation and periods).

I can’t imagine a family-friendly restaurant such as yours would like this either.

I’ve attached a short presentation for you to look over, and as you will see, if you’re looking for big numbers of listeners, we can help. If you’re looking for families, we can help. If you’re looking for people who enjoy food, we can help.

Want all that and more, without the filth? We can help.”

Sandilands slammed Nova for trying to steal clients from his show by using out-of-context grabs.

“That’s not the way we play the game,” he told listeners.

“We don’t run around and say ‘Oh, listen to how dumb this is’.

“If you want clients, it’s all fair out there in the world of marketing and advertising, but don’t employ dirty tactics, Nova. You’re better than that… well, are you?”

Sandilands then moved onto SCA’s 2DayFM, accusing the Sydney station of trying to persuade the managers and publicists of A-list celebrities in the US not to have their talent feature on Kyle & Jackie O by providing misleading snippets from the show.

“It’s all desperate. There’s email after email of evidence of this,” he said.

“The crazy thing is the staff… they wouldn’t even realise their snitches’ emails are getting forwarded straight to us. The very people that try to convince that we’re the bad guys – we’ve got great relationships with them. They forward the emails directly to us and say ‘Look what your opposition’s doing.”

“This is not good tactics either – it’s corporate espionage. I don’t like it – it’s sneaky, low, dog behaviour. You should spend more time on your own shows, because your own shows need a lot of work. They’re not very good.”

Sandilands described the tactics of Nova and 2DayFM as “grubby”, but there was one more that he hailed “the grubbiest behaviour of them all”.

“Someone’s got this email – The owner of this email address is sending emails to all these news companies trying to twist things we do on the show so they appear more negative and make me look bad,” he said.

“I’ve now got the name and the address, and the phone number and the details of this person that’s really a scab – a real scum.

“I know who you are. It’s going to be very embarrassing for you if you continue doing this, ‘cause I will get your name out there, one way or another, if you don’t stop doing it. You would lose your job if I told everyone who it was, and it’s a big job.

“You’re a fool for doing this. You should be spending more time fixing your shit radio station than worrying about what we’re doing over here.”

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