Samsung Reimagines Sydney Retail Space For Launch Of Galaxy S9

Samsung Reimagines Sydney Retail Space For Launch Of Galaxy S9

Samsung Electronics Australia has launched a collaboration with master paper engineer Benja Harney to celebrate its new Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones.

The project harnesses the dandelion theme running through the S9 launch and reimagines it as an ambitious window installation at Samsung’s flagship store on Sydney’s George St.

The display’s white and lilac, paper-constructed dandelion measures 1.5 metres in diameter and features over 90 individual seed pods.

Up to 300 pieces of paper were used to create the display in a process that took more than two weeks, while the addition of Perspex elements and LEDs to create a glowing effect are a first for Harney and his team at Paperform.

The partnership was instigated by Cheil, with the intention of helping Samsung connect with Australians in a new way.

“We knew that for both Samsung and Benja, close enough is never good enough,” Cheil creative director Stephen Anderson said.

“This seemed the perfect opportunity for these similarly aligned creative forces to come together and do something remarkable.

Samsung Electronics’ director of IT mobile, Garry McGregor, said: “The innovation and ambition Benja shows in his work made him the perfect partner to help us mark the launch of the Galaxy S9 and S9+.

“By creating something that not only mirrors the striking beauty and elegance of the Galaxy S9, but also pushes the limits of what’s possible in his chosen medium, Benja has captured the spirit of Samsung.”

Harney said: “The chance to work on this project was something we jumped at, and I love that a technology company like Samsung was so willing to combine the digital and analogue worlds to create something special.

“Through that synergy we’ve been able to bring the humanity of what Samsung does into the window display itself.”

The dandelion collaboration will be on display until Monday 12 March.

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