Sacked Software Engineer James Damore Calls Google “A Cult”

Sacked Software Engineer James Damore Calls Google “A Cult”

Sacked Google software engineer James Damore continues to revel in his ’15 minutes’ using a weekend column to attack his former employer, describing it as “almost like a cult”.

Damore, of course, was sacked a week when his 10-page manifesto became public in which he wrote he didn’t believe women were cut out to work in tech industries.

He’s now used an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal to describe working at Google as being like an an “echo chamber” that won’t stand for dissent and now says it’s “almost like a cult”.

Damore wrote: “For many, including myself working at Google is a major part of their identity, almost like a cult with its own leaders and saints, all believed to righteously uphold the sacred motto of ‘Don’t be evil.'”

Adding that he “committed heresy against the Google creed by stating that not all disparities between men and women that we see in the world are the result of discriminatory treatment.”

He said when he tried to engage in “reasoned discussion” with his colleagues on the issue but “mostly I was ignored.”

In an interview with YouTube personality Stefan Molyneux last week, Damore said he’d got a lot more support for his comments than he had criticism. While an online poll from Friday found that 56 per cent of Google employees who answered the poll believed Damore should not have been sacked.

In his WSJ article, Damore then goes on to channel famed leftwing intellectual Noam Chomsky. “As Noam Chomsky once observed, ‘the smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.”

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