Ryan Reynolds’ Mac & Cheese Ad Proves An Hilariously Crude, Shameless Spot Of Self Promotion

Ryan Reynolds’ Mac & Cheese Ad Proves An Hilariously Crude, Shameless Spot Of Self Promotion

Ryan Reynolds has reinvented himself as a master entrepreneur (owner of Aviation Gin, Mint telco and even a Welsh soccer club) and master marketer, alongside his other notable film credits.

However, a new spot for Kraft’s famous Mac & Cheese might well have overstepped the mark. Well, that’s probably what Reynolds was hoping for anyway.

The spot’s the work of Reynolds’ own creative agency Maximum Effort and much like many of his ads it also manages to tie-in a plug for his latest Netflix flick The Adam Project.

The ad stars Reynolds and 12-year-old actor Walker Scobell who also plays a younger version of the 47-year-old in the new film.

In the ad, the young Scobell goes off script to deliver such epic lines lines as “Kraft Mac and Cheese, it’s like my bathrobe and slippers had a baby on my tongue!”

And even better – “If your parents stop buying it, stop loving them” and “If you don’t like it, I’ll f@cking find you,” Scobell delivers.

Proof of Reynolds’ shameless self promoting comes when Scobelle asks, “You guys Wrexham fans?”which is Reynolds’s way of squeezing in a plug for the Welsh football club he co-owns with actor Rob McElhenney.

It’s good fun and done with all the ribaldry you’d expect from a Reynolds’ advert; however, B&T suspects the primary purchaser of Mac & Cheese – grocery buying mums – mightn’t be all that thrilled by some of the language from the precocious young Scobell. Anyway, check it out for yourself below:









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