Rubicon Project Launches New Application To Address Industry Fragmentation

Rubicon Project Launches New Application To Address Industry Fragmentation

Ad automation company Rubicon Project has launched its Exchange Application Programming Interface (API) to address fragmentation in the digital advertising ecosystem and help sellers optimise revenue across all sales channels.

Virtually every publisher and app developer has unsold or under-monetised advertising inventory. Buyer demand for every impression exists, but it ‘lives’ in disparate systems across the advertising technology ecosystem. This fragmented landscape results in poor inventory allocation between direct and indirect media buys.

Exchange API is designed to remedy this fragmentation, which denies sellers the full revenue they deserve. It connects mobile, desktop and video ad servers and platforms, as well as sellers that have built custom ad servers, directly to Rubicon Project’s exchange to access additional buyer demand and provide superior allocation across media inventory.

“Digital media companies seek to optimise revenue holistically across their inventory. But if their ad servers are not integrated with an auction-based advertising exchange, they’re still failing to achieve maximum value,” said Jay Stevens, general manager international, Rubicon Project. “Exchange API puts sellers in control, enabling advertising campaigns to compete in real time for placement across both direct and indirect-sold media.”

Already, e-planning, Leonardo ADV, Adhese and others have integrated or begun technical integration of Exchange API.

Benefits Include:

  • A single point of integration that provides access to all major global sources of buyer demand across mobile web, mobile app, display and video.
  • Increased seller revenue through intelligent allocation of direct and indirect demand, providing holistic yield management.
  • Reduced operational overhead and a significant reduction in passbacks resulting in reduced latency, discrepancies and data loss.
  • Sellers control which inventory is eligible to compete, and how.


Rubicon Project’s Exchange API documentation is available now for mobile, desktop and video ad servers and platforms to review and begintechnical integration, without having to first enter a definitive agreement with Rubicon Project.

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