Rick Stein Led Social Video Content Series For Bannisters And Shoalhaven Tourism

Rick Stein Led Social Video Content Series For Bannisters And Shoalhaven Tourism

Bannisters, the boutique hotels situated at Mollymook Beach, recently teamed up with Shoalhaven Tourism to create a social video campaign that told the story of the Shoalhaven region through its people, places and produce.

The campaign was created by social video specialist agency Emotive, and was designed to give the audience an insider’s perspective on the story of the Shoalhaven, by profiling the people who live there, what they produce and why they love it.

Rick Stein, the seafood chef, restaurateur and television presenter – who is deeply involved in the region through his restaurant ‘Rick Stein at Bannisters’ – played a central role in the video content.

The short form content series was made up of 15 social video ‘episodes’ and rolled out across 10 weeks, living on both the Bannisters and Shoalhaven Tourism social media channels. Here’s one of many:

Jamie Crick, audience director of Emotive said, “The episodic strategy was designed to keep Bannisters in the consciousness of their target audience over an extended period and to grow a following of genuine fans anticipating each next piece of content.

“Ultimately, by building emotional connections to the Shoalhaven region among Sydneysiders, particularly as it’s exemplified in the Bannisters experience, we wanted to drive consideration and bookings. The results we have seen to date have been overwhelming and exceeded all expectations.”

The content has had over 700k+ video views (and growing) and over 8.6K+ social engagements. Its strong engagement rate of 1.2 per cent and incredibly positive sentiment of 94 per cent shows how well the content resonated with the specific subset of Sydney-dwelling travel & food enthusiasts to which it was targeted.

Coralie Bell, tourism manager at Shoalhaven Tourism said, “The opportunity to work with Bannisters and Emotive on content that showcases the diverse experiences and characters of the Shoalhaven was a very exciting prospect.

“The ‘Our South Coast’ campaign fit in with our focus on Shoalhaven’s burgeoning food scene and our desire to showcase how much of a year-round destination we are. We were lucky to have Rick Stein in the country for the filming – he’s such a natural in front of the camera and we’ve been really pleased with the results.

“Emotive delivered on time and on budget and provided a full service experience, from concept through to amplification. We really liked the guaranteed results and the way they portrayed the Shoalhaven’ s chic yet easy-going essence.”

Bannisters identified the need to reach new audiences beyond traditional advertising. Peter Cosgrove, owner of Bannisters added, “We realise we’ve got a compelling story to tell and wanted to use the power of social video as a way to show the produce, our people, and the area including our venue Bannisters.

“Working collaboratively with Shoalhaven Tourism, we were able to demonstrate our shared passion for the region and through digital targeting, we showcased this to the people of Sydney and ACT who have it right it on their doorstep!”

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