Reports There’s More Emojis On Twitter Met With Monkey Emoji

Reports There’s More Emojis On Twitter Met With Monkey Emoji

Reports are circulating the internet Twitter has upped the ante on its emojis, now having a myriad of cartoon things for users to choose from.

The exploration of more emojis on the social media platform comes after the company changed its ‘favourites’ to heart-shaped ‘like’ – a move product manager Akarshan Kumar said was due to the confusion it could create for newcomers.

And now The Verge reports a heap more emojis are potentially in the works for users to express themselves with, noticed by one Twitter user.

When we asked Twitter Australia about it, this was their comment – as has been the comment from other Twitter offices around the globe.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 12.09.52 PM

Emojis are hot, hot, hot, with Coke being the first brand to buy an emoji on Twitter. The soft drink brand bought the image of two coke bottles clinking together.


And one agency wasn’t happy with the amount of emojis able to be used for the advertising industry, so they created a heap instead, featuring pencils, lions, that Old Spice guy on a horse.

Check them out here.

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