Rebel Wilson To Sue Bauer Media Over “Badly Damaged Reputation”

Rebel Wilson To Sue Bauer Media Over “Badly Damaged Reputation”

Aussie comic and actress Rebel Wilson is to sue Bauer Media after claims it made in its stable of women’s magazines “gravely injured her feelings, credit and reputation”.

The claims surfaced in Bauer titles in May last year after rumours about the actress’ age, education and upbringing began surfacing online. Most of the evidence was based on reports from old school friends. Bauer this morning released comments on the claims made, which we’ve updated at the bottom of the article.

Wilson, the star of such comic gems as Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect and the Stan commercials, claims to be 29; however, former school chums have come out and said that far from the bogan past she advertises, Wilson is in fact 36 and went to a posh Sydney private school. The allegations were subsequently reported in Bauer titles.

Wilson is suing Bauer Media – the publisher of Woman’s Day, the Australian Women’s WeeklyNew Weekly and OK Magazine – for damages, saying her reputation has suffered and she had been left humiliated and embarrassed. Wilson also claims she had been turned down for work following the allegations.

In March this year Wilson tweeted that Bauer journalists were “total scum” but had to retract the comments after it proved to be a case of mistaken identity.

A Woman’s Day article from May last year suggested Wilson had fabircated a concoction of lies to get ahead in her career. Wilson also claimed the articles were timed to coincide with the release of Pitch Perfect 2 so as to garner maximum attention both in Australia and overseas.

According to reports in Fairfax Media, Wilson filed a writ in the Victorian Supreme Court on Monday.

Through the writ, Wilson is claiming the Woman’s Day article made her out to be a “serial liar who has invented fantastic stories in order to make it in Hollywood”. The writ also names other articles that appeared in OK and NW.

The writ states Wilson had “been gravely injured in her feelings, credit and reputation, has been humiliated and embarrassed and has suffered loss and damage, including special damage”.

Wilson also argues that Bauer never attempted to contact her to fact check the articles before being published.

Bauer has not yet commented on the matter and Wilson’s demands have not been disclosed.

Update – 11.40am

Bauer Media released a statement regarding the claims. It read:

“Bauer Media notes reports in today’s media that Rebel Wilson has issued a Writ in the
Supreme Court of Victoria concerning a series of articles published in some of our titles that
date back almost one year ago.

“Bauer Media has not been served with a Writ by representatives of Ms Wilson. If and when it
is served, we will take the opportunity to consider our defences.

“It would not be appropriate for Bauer Media to comment further whilst this matter is before
the court and the Writ is yet to be served.”


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