Reader’s Digest Annual Survey Reveals Brands, Charities And Professions Which Aussies Trust The Most

Reader’s Digest Annual Survey Reveals Brands, Charities And Professions Which Aussies Trust The Most

There are a number of factors involved in winning our all-important trust, including consistency, quality and being kept safe. And more and more of us are on the lookout for ‘trust signals’, such as reliable endorsements. The 23rd annual survey of Australia’s Most Trusted Brands, Charity and Professions has just been revealed exclusively in Reader’s Digest Australia.

This is not a survey of the magazine’s readers. Reader’s Digest Australia commissioned independent market research agency Catalyst to conduct a stand-alone survey of more than 3,000 Australians, representing a cross-section of the consumer market and reviewing 75 different categories.

“While the way we go about things has changed significantly in recent years, given the disruptions of the pandemic, trust remains a key driver in the products we choose and the organisations we have faith in,” notes Reader’s Digest Australia Editor-in-Chief Louise Waterson.

“So, despite technology making it easier for consumers to purchase things, the need for trust in particular items or brands remains constant. “And when it comes to organisations and professions, trust is also an essential component for a long-term and ongoing relationship. “Ultimately, trust matters and that makes it a powerful thing.”

Our most trusted professions – There’s a pretty clear theme when it comes to our most trusted professions, headed by doctors, nurses, paramedics, firefighters, pharmacists, police officers and scientists. These people keep us safe and protected, in both emergencies and in our day-to-day lives. Go to the tail end of the list, however, and you will find those involved in the news cycle we don’t trust that much, raking in journalists, social media producers and politicians. View the full report here.

The rise of trust signals – The tribe has spoken and, rather than product self-endorsement, the tribe believes more in their fellow consumer and also in proven performance. As such, people are increasingly looking for ‘trust signals’. These include everything from user testimonials and positive star ratings, through to awards success. The Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands ‘Trustmark’ has been in the marketplace for 23 years and is respected and easily recognised by consumers.

Our most trusted charity – The royal flying doctor service – In 1928, the Reverend John Flynn aimed to extend the ‘mantle of safety’ to those who live, work and travel in the bush – a massive expanse across Australia. As a result, the Royal Flying Doctor Service took off and has since established itself in the hearts and minds of many Aussies because of the crucial and selfless service it delivers to those who need it. See the report here.

Australia’s most iconic brand – Bunnings – It was a category that used to be dominated by the likes of Vegemite and Hills Hoist. And while there’s no doubting their iconic status, it is perhaps fitting that Bunnings has become the modern replacement on that lofty pedestal. From a place of humble beginnings all the way back in 1886, Bunnings has ingrained itself into our culture and our weekends. A place of community and a place to properly arm a nation of weekend DIY warriors. See the report here.

Australia’s most trusted confectionary – Cadbury – Some categories are more equal than others when it comes to our most trusted brands, and that certainly holds true for the fan favourite of most trusted confectionery! John Cadbury believed that chocolate could make the world a better place, and ensured his company was a giver of many good things. He also chose Tasmania as the home for the first Australian Cadbury factory, which is proudly marking 100 years of producing plenty of quality and happiness to many Australians. See the report here.

See the full list of Australia’ most trusted brands – There are 75 different categories in
Australia’s Most Trusted Brands list, covering everything from air conditioners and air fresheners
through to tea and tyres, vacuum cleaners and vitamins. See the full list here.

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