Is This The Raunchiest X-Factor Audition Ever?

Is This The Raunchiest X-Factor Audition Ever?

Let’s be honest, most TV talent shows don’t get much beyond a glorified karaoke competition or some bad juggling act perfected in someone’s garage that should’ve stayed in someone’s garage.

However, things turned a little more interesting on Romania’s version of The X Factor last week when erotic dancer Antonina Goloseev bedazzled judges and audience members alike with a routine more akin to a buck’s party or end of year football celebration.

Check Antonina’s routine out for yourself below (although B&T warns it’s a little on the steamy side):

The blonde-wigged Goloseev gyrated, throbbed, thrusted and booty-wobbled her way through a two-and-a-minute routine that was made all the priceless when you see the reaction of the male judges.


Interestingly, all four judges voted for her to go through to the next round and B&T hopes to keep you updated on Antonina’s television journey.

The 20-year-old has fast become a bit of a household sensation in Romania following her raunch-filled TV debut, however, she has dismissed speculation she’s a professional stripper or pole dancer.

“I will never perform in clubs. I am fascinated by the contrast between femininity and strength that dancers have,” she told local media. “My teachers always seemed like fairies that radiated powers.

“I only perform on stage and do not want to be associated with strip club dances,” she added.

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