Radio Ratings: WSFM takes 2GB in Key Demo

Radio Ratings: WSFM takes 2GB in Key Demo

Australian Radio Network has maintained its enviable position in the Sydney radio market with WSFM and Kiis 1065 holding onto number one and two FM positions as WSFM pushes closer to 2GB.

While Australian Radio Network (ARN) still holds onto number one and two in the FM stakes the gap between its two stations has widened, according to GfK’s fourth radio survey for the year.

In the previous survey there was less than one percentage point between WSFM and Kiis 1065 overall. Now there is a gap of 2.3 percentage points in their Monday to Sunday people 10+ shares. Kyle and Jackie O now also trail WSFM’s Jonesy and Amanda by 2.5 points in breakfast. In the previous book there was just half a point between the two breakfast teams.

Duncan Campbell, ARN’s national content director, told B&T the gap between WSFM and Kiis 1065 is not a concern. Instead the network is focusing on the gap between its two stations and the rest of the market.

“Even Kiis 1065 as a number two FM is still a very strong radio station it is number one 25-39, number one 25-54 and also a strong number two 40-54 the duopoly for us is working really effectively,” Campbell said.

Paul Jackson, group program director for Nova Entertainment, said Kiis 1065 is “receding” as the hype around its launch dies down.

“Looking at the numbers the Kiis breakfast show has lost 20% of its cume so there are less people coming in and less engagement with it,” Jackson said.

The marketplace is still very tight but Southern Cross Austereo’s 2DayFM has been booted out of the race, according to Jackson.

“When you carve it up Nova is number one under 40, Nova is less than a point behind Kiis under 50 and thenwhen you get to the 45 and beyond that is where WSFM’s strength really kicks in,” he explained.

“So each of the stations are really dominant in one of the areas but 2DayFM isn’t, it is not even in the race.

“It is the lowest ranked station in the marketplace and the lowest ranked breakfast show. You have got Nova and Kiis fighting at the top end in top 40 radio and then you have smooth and WSFM those are the battlelines.”

Guy Dobson, chief content officer at SCA, said having three top 40 stations in Sydney is unheralded.

“It is a dynamic we are not used to seeing in Australia and all three are down marginally, I think for the second book in a row,” Dobson said.

Dobson said there is a strategic plan being rolled out “right now behind the scenes” for 2Day FM.

“We are smart radio people and we know what needs to be done.”

Meanwhile, WSFM’s share of Monday to Sunday listeners 10+ is inching closer to 2GB, with the FM station now sitting on 10.2% and behind the dominant talk station’s 12.5%.

2GB’s share has also dipped slightly in breakfast and drive while WSFM’s has grown.

The two stations target markets overlap with WSFM after all people 40-54 while 2GB chases a slightly older audience of people 45-69.

GfK: Sydney's share movement people 10+, Mon-Sun 5.30am-12midnight

GfK: Sydney’s share movement people 10+, Mon-Sun 5.30am-12midnight

WSFM has overtaken 2GB in all people 55-64 where its Monday to Sunday share has jumped by a huge 4.7 percentage points to take 17.3%. 2GB’s share in the age group has shrunk by 3.9 points, dropping from 20.3% to 16.4%.

WSFM also dominates in people 40-54 where its Monday to Sunday share is 15.3%. 2GB’s share in this bracket is 6.6%.

But 2GB is the clear winner in people 65+ where it has a huge 32%, up from the previous survey’s 28.8%. In a statement 2GB said its audience share is still more than 20% ahead of its nearest competitor, WSFM.

Campbell said the growth in the 40-64 demo is a result of the Pure Gold rebrand and its early shift from a “an old 70’s style classic hits station to being a more contemporary 80s style Pure Gold station”.

Campbell said it was too early to talk about WSFM challenging 2GB.

“2GB remain a very strong radio station with very healthy shares. If we started to see a trend we could be a little more confident,” he said.

“I think for us it is all about making sure we dominate the FM station in Sydney with our two radio stations.”

Gfk: Share movement by demographic, Mon-Sun 5.30am-12midnight

Gfk: Share movement by demographic, Mon-Sun 5.30am-12midnight

ARN’s younger station Kiis 1065 has maintained its position as Sydney’s number two FM station despite another drop. Kiis 1065 now has 7.9% of Monday to Sunday listeners 10+.

In breakfast Kyle and Jackie O have held onto second place with Kiis 1065 now sitting on 9%, down from the previous survey’s 9.5%. In the previous book Kiis 1065 dropped from 10.9% to 9.5%.

Fellow ARN station WSFM has held onto its FM pole position with Jonesy and Amanda now claiming a larger slice of Sydney’s breakfast listeners. The duo’s share has increased to 11.5% while Alan Jones’ has dipped.

The talk king rules breakfast with a 14.1% share, down from 15.1%.

Southern Cross Austereo’s (SCA) Triple M has overtaken Nova Entertainment’s Nova in breakfast, with Triple M now sitting on 6.7% compared to Nova 96.9’s 6.2%.

Knocking Nova 96.9’s Fitzy and Wippa down was one of SCA’s short-term goals according to Dobson who described the Triple M network as SCA’s “big story” with Eddie McGuire once again taking the station to pole position in Melbourne’s breakfast.

SCA’s 2Day FM breakfast team has been dealt another blow as the new book reveals a drop from 3.6% to 3%. But Dobson said SCA is “incredibly happy with where our brands sit in Sydney”.

WSFM’s success has continued into the drive slot where it has overtaken Kiis 1065 and Nova 96.9 to become Sydney’s most listened to FM drive station.

WSFM’s drive show with Lars Peterson now has 9% of the slot after a 1.2 point jump. WSFM appears to have stolen share from Kiis 1065 which lost 1.2 points to sit on 8.4%.

2GB is now just 0.8 points ahead of its nearest commercial competitor WSFM with the talk station sliding from 11.7% to 9.8%.

GfK: Share movement by session, people 10+

GfK: Share movement by session, people 10+


In Melbourne Triple M’s blokey breakfast show has reclaimed the FM crown from Mix 101.1’s female duo, Chrissie and Jane.

Triple M Hot Breakfast with Eddie McGuire has claimed 8.5% of Melbourne’s breakfast for SCA, an increase of 1.4 points.

Dobson said there is “way more upside to come from a ratings perspective and a revenue perspective as well” for the station.

“We are creating unique environments for advertisers with the football and sporting DNA which runs through the fabric of our stations.”

ARN’s Mix 101.1 dropped slightly by 0.2 points to sit on 7.5%.

ARN’s Campbell is not concerned with Mix 101.1’s drop, he described the market as “very tight” and predicts there will be more movement over the coming books.

“Triple M has obviously surged this survey, as they tend to do with football. You look back over the history of Triple M and they can never really sustain that,” Campbell said.

“I sort of call them a one season wonder as far as the football goes.”

Campbell also said ARN has some “big plans” for Mix in 2015.

Fox FM’s Fifi and Dave have recorded a slight increase to sit on 7%.

GfK: Melbourne’s share movement people 10+, Mon-Sun 5.30am-12midnight

GfK: Melbourne’s share movement people 10+, Mon-Sun 5.30am-12midnight

Fairfax Radio’s 3AW continues to dominate commercial breakfast with a 16.6% chunk of the slot.

The AM station is strong in drive where it has 10.3%. However, Nova 100 is inching closer and now sits on 9.4% after a one point increase for Kate, Tim and Marty.

In a statement Fairfax Radio Network’s managing director Adam Lang said: “This survey has been a successful one for the network, with the pinnacle being 3AW Breakfast’s Ross and John’s 100th consecutive survey win.”

“Putting our audience at the heart of everything we do with our news talk, sport and music experience is increasing the attention and engagement of our influential audiences. We are mo than ever dedicated to becoming the nation’s number one information and entertainment radio network.”

Triple M has overtaken Mix 101.1 and Gold to claim 7.6% of drive.

Fox FM’s new drive duo Dan and Maz have grown their share from 8.2% to 8.9%.

The previous survey revealed a dead heat between four of Melbourne’s FM stations with Fox FM, Triple M, Nova 100 and smooth 91.5 all tied on 6.9% of people 10+, Monday to Sunday.

GfK: Share movement by session, people 10+

GfK: Share movement by session, people 10+

The result saw Nova Entertainment’s Paul Jackson label Melbourne “one of the most exciting marketplaces in the world” and said radio was front of mind in a positive way that it hasn’t been in “many, many years”.

The dead heat is no more with SCA’s Fox FM and Triple M rising above Nova Entertainment’s Nova 100 and smoothfm 91.5.

Nova 100 and smoothfm 91.5 are now both tied on 6.7% while Triple M has grown its overall share to 7.6% and Fox FM’s has grown to 7.2%.

Triple M is now tied with ARN’s Gold sits on 7.6% after a drop from 8.8%.

3AW continues to lead the commercial stations with a 12.8% share.


In Brisbane ARN’s 97.3FM is the standout with its people 10+, Monday to Sunday share swelling from 13.9% to 15.3%.

Gfk: Brisbane's share movement (%), people 10+ Mon-Sun 5.30am-12midnight

Gfk: Brisbane’s share movement (%), people 10+ Mon-Sun 5.30am-12midnight

The station’s share also grew Monday to Friday to 15.3% and in breakfast it jumped from 12.6% to 14.3% as The Drive Home with Campo grew from 15.1% to 16.2%.

In breakfast Triple M overtook B105 which dropped from 9.7% to 9.5% as Triple M added 0.2 points to reach 9.6%.

GfK: Share movement by session, people 10+

GfK: Share movement by session, people 10+


In Perth Fairfax Radio Network’s 6PR has overtaken 96FM after a 1.3 point jump in breakfast from 9.7% to 11%.

6PR’s Monday to Sunday share of all people 10+ has also increased to reach 9% after a 1.1 point jump which puts the station close to the market’s fourth biggest commercial station in terms of overall share, 92.9 (9.3%).

GfK: Perth's share movement (%) people 10+, Mon-Sun 5.30am-12midnight

GfK: Perth’s share movement (%) people 10+, Mon-Sun 5.30am-12midnight

SCA’s Mix 94.5 has maintained its title as Perth’s top station with a 1.7 point jump in drive to 15.2%.

The fourth book also revealed increases overall and in the important breakfast slot which it moved from 13.8% to 14.3%.

GfK: Share movement by session, people 10+

GfK: Share movement by session, people 10+


Mix 102.3 has expanded its dominance to drive where it is now the most listened to station in the market with a 15.6% share.

The ARN station has replaced Nova 91.9 as Adelaide’s preferred drive station with the Nova Entertainment owned station’s share dropping from 15% to 13.4%.

Triple M has suffered a big slide in drive, losing 2.1 points to fall from a share of 11.5% to 9.4%.
The drop puts Triple M behind Fiveaa which sits on 10.7%.

GfK: Share movement (%) people 10+, Mon-Sun 5.30am-12midnight

GfK: Share movement (%) people 10+, Mon-Sun 5.30am-12midnight

Nova 91.9’s also dropped in breakfast where it slid from 11.5% to 10.3%.

Mix 102.3 continues to lead the slot from a commercial point of view with a share of 15.1%.

GfK: Share movement (%) by session, people 10+

GfK: Share movement (%) by session, people 10+

However the station is now tied with the ABC’s 891 after a drop of 0.4 points.

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