P@rnhub Unveils Raunchy Campaign To Draw Attention To Ocean Pollution

P@rnhub Unveils Raunchy Campaign To Draw Attention To Ocean Pollution

[B&T warns that this article contains imagery of an adult nature that some readers may find offensive] Every brand needs a cause these days and now one of the world’s biggest adult sites, Pornhub, is using its not insignificant marketing prowess to draw attention to ocean pollution.

The Canadian-based site has just unveiled a new campaign that highlights the damage plastics are doing to the ocean and beaches.

Called “The dirtiest porn ever”, the campaign involves two of its stars shooting their latest movie on the “world’s dirtiest beach”.

For every view the film gets, the company will donate money to Ocean Polymers, a charity that specialises in collecting and processing plastic waste from the oceans.

Check out the (slightly racy) spot below:

Commenting on the campaign, Pornhub’s vice president Corey Price said: “As of today, 12.7 million tons of plastic can be found within the depths of our oceans. What’s perhaps even more shocking, is that scientists predict that there will be more plastic than fish within our oceans in only 30 years.

“Ocean pollution has grown to become of the most significant global issues of our lifetime, and it’s only getting worse. That’s why it’s imperative that we use our platform to raise awareness and inspire change – not just for the time being but for generations to come,” Price said.

And it’s apparent that Ocean Polymers isn’t particularly bothered where its donations come from.

The charity’s executive director and project and operations manager Heather Wigglesworth added: “Whilst I’m sure for some it may not initially appear like the most obvious match for our project, we are thrilled that Pornhub has engaged with us and displayed a commitment to utilising their voice and reach for positive action.

“We are all part of the problem and must work together to find solutions. This is a brand with significant global reach spanning all demographics, so it is a very effective platform to raise awareness and support for the crisis we face in our oceans today. It would be great to see more companies of this size and stature taking the same responsibility with the audience they engage,” Wigglesworth said.

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