Popular YouTuber’s Recreate Their Favourite In-Game Moments

Popular YouTuber’s Recreate Their Favourite In-Game Moments

Celebrating the launch of a new short-form video experience, YouTube Shorts, some of the worlds most subscribed gaming streamers have recreated their favourite gaming moments in real life (IRL) on the platform.

What was the result for YouTuber’s Muselk, Loserfruit, JoshDub, llsa (title picture), JarradHD and Aussie Antics?

Maybe something better than the real thing.

From this week, each of the seven streamers (who combined, command an impressive 23.4 million YouTube subscribers) have selected their favourite moment from their favourite game to highlight for fans.

From real-life Rocket League to speed dating on Sims; an axe-wielding rampage on Fortnite to a wet ‘n’ wild waterpark race on Fall Guys; Minecraft sabotage with a special guest to not-so-super-speed travel; this is your favourite gamers like you’ve never seen.

Alongside their homemade creations, the gamers are also challenging fans to outdo them by crafting their own IRL in-game replication and sharing it on YouTube Shorts, using the tag #ShortsGames.

Muselk will then choose a selection of the very best #ShortsGames creations and share his reactions with his 9.3 million YouTube channel subscribers.

Elliot Watkins (AKA Muselk) said, “It was so fun to be able to recreate my character in real life for a day on YouTube Shorts.”

Muselk (pictured above)

“Over the last few years, I think we’ve seen a move to where more and more people can become creators and I think Shorts just takes that accessibility to the next level.”

Aligning the launch of YouTube Shorts with some of Australia’s most engaged gamers speaks to the pivotal role gaming has played in YouTube’s growth.

For the first half of 2021, YouTube saw over 800 billion gaming-related views; over 90 million hours live-streamed and over 250 million uploads.

Gaming’s cultural ascendance in Australia has been marked, with more people creating gaming content and building businesses in this sphere than ever before.

Ed Miles, director, YouTube Partnerships Australia and New Zealand, said, “Gaming content is no longer a niche interest, it’s become the mainstream.”

“It’s an essential part of what we know YouTube to be, with Australian gaming creators being some of the most popular in the world and generating significant audiences.”

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