“Adland Has Defied The Doomsayers!” It’s 10 Questions With Omnicom Supremo Peter Horgan

“Adland Has Defied The Doomsayers!” It’s 10 Questions With Omnicom Supremo Peter Horgan

Want to get your finger on the current state of Australia’s adland? Of course you do. And who better to deliver the verdict than Omnicom CEO and MFA chair, Peter Horgan. Here, he delivers answers to B&T’s 10 quick questions in easily digestible nuggets…

1. As chairman of the MFA board are you like a proud father when you attend the MFA EX & Award events?

Positively beaming, although Sophie (Madden) and the MFA team do the heavy lifting.

2. The MFA EX sessions are great, what are your thoughts?

Showcases the depth of diversity of thinking in our industry. Inspiring content is largely generated by our people and from all levels of our agencies.

3. Over 1600 people at Sydney EX and 700 in Melbourne, are you surprised at the scale of the events?

I think MFA EX has built strong equity post COVID, and our people are confident they will be inspired for a full day with their peers.

4. What were your highlights from the events?

Especially loved the focus on product and provocation for more creativity.

5. The MFA Awards celebrate great work, as an industry are we in good shape for the future?

As an industry, we have defied the doomsayers, and keep showing up for our clients in a way we can be proud of. I think that is a compelling value proposition.

6. Sophie and the MFA team are outstanding, how do they top it again next year?

She tells me they are just warming up and to expect fireworks in ’24. I will get killed for that one!

7. You had some VIP clients on your Awards table, how has including them in the judging process elevated the program?

Bringing senior clients closer to the event has given them a greater appreciation of the depth of quality in what media agencies can bring more broadly. I think they have also been surprised by the sense of community that exists across competitors.

8. What do clients generally think of awards?

As long as they are grounded in results and stringent verification they matter.

9. Inducting Belinda Rowe into the MFA’s Hall of Fame was special, where did you work together?

Optimedia. She was a boss who was transforming the role that media plays in comms. It was an incredible time and place.

10. Important last question did you go to the afterparty, if so, anything you can share?

Of course, I cycled there on a Lime bike. Everyone was very well behaved.

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