Pedestrian.TV And 9GO! Launch ‘Big Flick Energy’

Pedestrian.TV And 9GO! Launch ‘Big Flick Energy’

Aussie youth publisher Pedestrian.TV is living up to its name by launching its very own TV spot, ‘Big Flick Energy’, on 9Go!.

What the hell is Big Flick Energy?

It’s a weekly movie night on 9Go! hosted by the fab Nina Oyama, inviting Pedestrian.TV’s readers to vote between two iconic summer films and program the movie slot every Wednesday night at 9pm.

Yep, 9Go! have handed the free-to-air keys to over to Pedestrian Group’s highly engaged daily unique audience of 1.7 million.

Debate style video and editorial content will see the Pedestrian team argue the hard-hitting issues – “Is Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison the bigger sexy idiot?” or “Does Legally Blonde or Clueless win heroine of the century?” – with punters invited to vote each week at Pedestrian.TV/BFE.

Readers will also be given the chance to extend their summer in the freakin’ MALDIVES, by winning a stay at the lush Kandima Maldives resort just by casting their vote.

Big Flick Energy is the first time we see these two media powerhouses join forces to leverage their highly engaged youth audiences across Nine’s digital and broadcast network.

Pedestrian.TV creative director James McManus said: “While Pedestrian.TV is the expert in reaching young Aussies digitally, 9GO! hits those glued to the traditional telly and not just their phones.

“Big Flick Energy is mashing the voting mechanic of Facebook Polling for VOD Video with nostalgic films loyal to our audience, interlinking new and old-school channels.

“This media convergence, thanks to Pedestrian’s growth, lets us beam into new living rooms, entertain and expand Pedestrian’s core demo.”

Nine program director Hamish Turner said: “Teaming up with Pedestrian.TV gives 9Go! the opportunity to have direct dialog with an engaged 16 – 30 audience.

“Big Flick Energy hands the reigns over to the audience who will have their say on what we program over summer with a selection of titles celebrating the new nostalgia.

“Viewer choice is exciting new territory for us and a great kick off point in working with Pedestrian.TV.”

With more than 25,000 engagements and views across Pedestrian Facebook over the weekend, the clear winner to launch is Happy Gilmore! Tune in this Wednesday night at 9pm on 9GO!.

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