Pat Baron: How Does Aussie Creativity Compare?

Pat Baron: How Does Aussie Creativity Compare?

Before he jetted off to the French Riviera for the Cannes Lions McCann Melbourne’s new ECD, Pat Baron, sat down and picked his six favourite ads from Australia and across the world for what is set to become a recurring piece on the new B&T, Creative Spotlight.

Pat Baron, executive creative director, McCann Melbourne:

What is the state of Australian creativity? Great question. Can you measure it by awards, effectiveness, social impact, financial results, Tweets and YouTube hits? Or “utility”, can’t forget utility.

I guess you can measure it any way you choose, isn’t that the beauty of creativity? It’s genius, it’s shit, it’s been done before, I hate, I love it, I need it, I’ll buy it, crave it, burn it.

Our industry is so diverse and dynamic that if advertising was invented today, I believe it would be invented in Australia. Why not? We understand we don’t have the luxury of five years to build brands we have five minutes, five seconds. And diversity is one of the secrets to creativity and we are nothing here if not diverse.

There is no box.

Australians are natural storytellers, innovators and publishers. We not only tell stories, we love to listen to them. It’s natural to us and it shows in the work that comes out of every agency here. I’d hate to single out individual creatives, agencies or campaigns, but over the past week we’ve all had a great opportunity to reflect how impressive they all are. Thanks for that, Cannes.

There are so many extraordinary creative leaders in our market and, I would also add, good people. It’s only my opinion but I believe that the quality of our Australian creative product is outstanding. What do you think?

Creative Fuel Conference

A great video promoting the Creative Fuel conference showcasing some of the world’s most brilliant minds? This is a clever new case study about a world-first, technological, mobile, thingy, cutting edge, game changing prototype that shifts us all somewhere at the speed of light on a bus. Just about the best five minutes I’ve had at work all week.

B grade celebrities A grade deals, Melbourne Boat Show

Public splits and spats with millionaire husbands are tough. I’m not a boaty man or married to a millionaire, or even married, but Brie’s kinda had a hard time lately so I’m getting behind her on this one. Doesn’t make me think too hard, and it’s light and fun. I might even go along.

Protect yourself from yourself, Bonds

It could just be me but I’m finding it hard to focus on loftier thoughts no matter how worthy. Saving villages in third world countries, cleaner water, making the world a better place is all well and good, but sometimes I just want something a little lighter and this spot delivers. It’s a great thought – we all need protecting from ourselves. The bum crack gag is an oldie but a goodie.

Sportsbet Collar, Sportsbet

At last, an end to collar discrimination. There’s nothing worse than being denied entry to a venue simply because you’re not wearing a collared shirt. It happens to me every now and again and it’s annoying. Bearded t-shirt-wearing ad guys know what I mean. Thank you to the team from Grey and Sportsbet.

Sun Mum, Queensland Government

Pretty funny. Be a man like your mother or a mother like your man. The shedding of excess body hair in the bathroom is a serious issue but so is cancer. By the time you’ve asked your kids for the hundredth time to put on some sunscreen you know how this bearded mother feels. A clear message delivered in an entertaining way.

Paper Towel Dispenser News, Mas Por Mas

This campaign out of Mexico caught my attention. A Mexican newspaper has begun printing “minute-by-minute news” onto paper towels with a paper towel dispenser that is connected to the internet newsfeed of free newspaper Mas Por Mas. It’s not the first time news or twitter feeds have been in toilet cubicles but the use of a special ink and QR code driving a captive audience to the newspaper’s website was a unique way of attracting new audiences.

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