Outfit And B&T Roundtable Wrap: The Future Of Branding Is Automation

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Yesterday, fifteen leading industry minds and marketers joined together at Quay Restaurant to discuss all things marketing, brand management & consistency, as well as the future state of branding.

B&T in partnership with Outfit – a brand management platform that specialises in digital and print marketing materials automation – hosted a lively roundtable discussion that delved into the challenges companies currently face when it comes to brand consistency, how these challenges have changed over the years and in the face of an ever-changing marketing landscape, and the future of branding.

Outfit was born out of a need identified across many large organisations to gain more control over their brand, while also empowering teams to produce better quality material, in a faster timeframe and in widely distributed locations. Outfit is an innovative platform that enables companies to deliver on the power of their brand in a time when brand power and the ability to cut through the noise is more important than ever.

One of the key takeaways from the roundtable discussion was that customers, more than ever, want to feel like they’re valued and not just a piece of data. They want memorable experiences. What does this mean? According to a roundtable of CMOs, it means organisations need to start focusing on how they can create value-adding experiences that leave their customers feeling like their needs and problems are understood. How can companies create value-adding experiences? By having a consistent brand, message and voice.

In his keynote speech, Outfit business development manager Kent McGuire said he was looking forward to the next generation of marketing.

He said: “I’m really excited about the next generation, which is hyper-personalisation, and it can be achieved through Outfit.

McGuire also discussed how oftentimes, the marketing department is underappreciated despite it being an integral part of a business’ revenue and success, touching on the idea of how marketers are working harder than ever, but with the same budget.

McGuire said: “Marketers are required to do so much more with the same or reduced budget as companies try to lower costs in order to raise revenue.”

Speaking to a room full of CMOs and marketing personnel, he said: “You don’t go into marketing to do production tasks or typesetting. Outfit is a platform that allows marketers to get back to why they went into that profession.

“Outfit frees up marketing teams for production tasks and also allows stakeholders to sell services through our platform. We help marketing teams get back to doing what they love, and that’s to come up with creative services that drive a business forward.”

He concluded: “We are helping redefine parts of the marketing design landscape. Outfit helps drive businesses forward and assists organisations to create content at scale, which allows them to focus on who they are as a brand and what they love to do.”

There were plenty of insights and takeaways from the day, all to be revealed in future articles. Yet for now, here are some happy snaps from the incredibly exciting event. Stay tuned for more!

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