NSW Health Rolls Out The Winter Flu Campaign On Escalator Hand Rails

NSW Health Rolls Out The Winter Flu Campaign On Escalator Hand Rails

NSW Health is today launching an educational campaign by using a new OOH medium – rolling out the message on shopping centre handrails.

The NSW Health Winter Flu Campaign aims to reinforce healthy messages to keep people out of hospitals by avoiding illnesses such as colds and flu during winter.

Public health experts estimate that each year up to one in five people in NSW will get seasonal influenza – that equates to around 600,000 people and it is expected that up to 800 individuals will die.

To help stop the spread of disease, NSW Health needed to spread the message that it’s imperative that those medically at risk (including those pregnant or with diabetes, kidney disease, cancer etc.) get a flu shot. Additionally, the government is offering free flu shots for those at risk through their general practitioner.

To educate the community on the importance of getting a flu shot, Ad-Roller used their technology to help NSW Health spread the message. It was done through a campaign on the handrails of shopping centre escalators and travelators across New South Wales.

Armin Kuhestani, director of Ad-Roller Australia said that the OOH campaign was organised in shopping centres across New South Wales because they were able to target those with medical centres for NSW Health.

“Our technology was the perfect avenue to launch an education campaign to reach NSW Health’s target customers. Some of those medically at risk will already be visiting the shopping centres to go to their doctor’s appointments and it also may be a reminder for those simply getting their groceries that they need to make an appointment for a flu shot.”

“An average escalator ride takes 30 seconds and people can’t switch off or change the channel. This provides an excellent opportunity for clients like NSW Health that are trying to educate Australians and want more than a couple seconds to get their attention,” he said.

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