Nike’s Latest Campaign Provides Shoppers With The Perfect Fit

Nike’s Latest Campaign Provides Shoppers With The Perfect Fit

Nike says your shoes probably don’t fit properly and that it’s produced the technology to correct this.

The shoemaker has created ‘Nike Fit’, a solution that scans the feet of customers and combines computer vision and machine learning to identify the correct size shoe needed.

The function will be available in the Nike app and will take around 15 seconds to scan the foot.

The scan collects 13 data points to map “your foot morphology” and find a fit.

“Nike Fit is a transformative solution and an industry first — using a digital technology to solve for massive customer friction,” said Nike in a statement.

“In the short term, Nike Fit will improve the way Nike designs, manufactures and sells shoes — product better tailored to match consumer needs.

“A more accurate fit can contribute to everything from less shipping and fewer returns to better performance.”

The same technology will also be deployed in-store, where a salesperson will do the scan.

And while many people might think they know the size of their own feet, apparently, they don’t.

Nike says its research shows three in five people are wearing a shoe that doesn’t fit, mostly due to different style shoes being fitted differently.

And with shoppers continuing to shift away from in-store shopping towards online, people want to know they’re ordering shoes that fit.

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