NGEN’s Charity Cup Raises Over 175K For UnLtd Charity Gotcha4Life

NGEN’s Charity Cup Raises Over 175K For UnLtd Charity Gotcha4Life
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NGEN’s 2021 charity cup has raised over $175,000 for UnLtd charity partner Gotcha4Life.

Gotcha4Life is a not-for-profit foundation raising awareness and funding to provide educational workshops and innovative programs that build mental fitness in individuals and communities.

While Sydney and Brisbane completed the Charity Cup in June, before Covid restrictions hit, the final leg in Melbourne was first postponed then held on Zoom due to lockdown.

But that didn’t dampen the spirits of participants who showed up to demonstrate their quiz knowledge, inspired retro dress-up skills, and dedication to teamwork.

In-person drinks will be held for Melbourne, once lockdown and restrictions are lifted, to ensure they don’t miss out.

Sponsored by Boomtown, the aim of NGEN Charity Cup is to raise much-needed funds for youth charities as well as provide an opportunity for members of NGEN – a community for those with less than five years’ experience in the media industry – to come together for a round of teamwork and networking with their peers.

Melanie Aslanidis, the MFA’s head of NGEN, said: “After cancelling last year’s NGEN Charity Cup because of Covid-19, it was rewarding to be able to go ahead this year, and special mention to Melbourne for turning up for a virtual quiz session!

“The energy and enthusiasm NGENers bring to everything they do is infectious, and even more so when they’re making a real social impact. Thank you to everyone for giving it their all!”

Boomtown, marketing manager Lucia Elliott, said: “There’s never been a more important time to support the essential work Gotcha4Life is doing to build mental fitness through connection and early intervention programs.

“The opportunity for Boomtown to partner NGEN and 40 teams from media agencies and media owners for the national NGEN Charity Cup series was too compelling to miss.

“Congrats to NGEN on hosting great nights, to all the winners and most importantly, to every team for the role they played in raising $30,679 across three events. Maximum respect!”

Rachel Troy, COO of UnLtd, said: “The commitment of the NGEN committee and the energy of the Media Feud events was remarkable.

“They have shown us how acting as a collective has made a real impact to Gotcha4Life and their vision of building mental fitness across Australia.

“With Millennials leading the charge in driving social change, and having fun along the way, we are extremely grateful for the ongoing partnership between UnLtd and MFA’s NGEN and their amazing impact.”

Gus Worland, founder of Gotcha4Life, said: “We are so grateful to NGEN for their amazing fundraising efforts.

“This is not only a fantastic achievement to raise valuable funds, but this organisational approach really aligns with what we are all about at Gotcha4Life – connection – working together to help make change happen.

“This is a testament to how NGEN has taken action to bring awareness to Gotcha4Life’s vision of zero suicides and our mission for everyone to have a Gotcha4Life Mate – a go-to person you can rely on to talk about anything when times are tough, so no one has to worry alone.”

This was the 7th year the Cup was held, (first launched in 2014), and the tradition has raised a total of more than $1,745,000 so far.

In addition to national sponsor Boomtown, oOh!Media was a Gold sponsor in Brisbane.

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