News Corp Paper Apologises For “Disgraceful” & “Absolutely Disgusting” Greek Cartoon

News Corp Paper Apologises For “Disgraceful” & “Absolutely Disgusting” Greek Cartoon

Adelaide newspaper The Advertiser has unreservedly apologised for a cartoon depicting the recent bushfire disaster in Greece, after it drew criticism from many who saw it.

Created by Jos Valdman and appearing in Thursday’s edition of the News Corp-owned paper, the cartoon – titled “Another Greek Tragedy” – depicts ancient Greek warriors using ceramic vases to douse the fires.

The bushfires in Greece, which are believed to have been deliberately lit, have claimed 91 lives so far, with 25 people still missing.

The cartoon copped a wave of criticism, with some labelling it “disgraceful” and “absolutely disgusting”, while The Pappas Post’s Dareden Livesay wrote a scathing open letter to Valdman.

The Advertiser was then forced to issue an apology on Friday, saying it was never its intention to further distress the Greek community.

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