New “This Girl Can” Ad Addresses Periods, Motherhood & More In A Powerful Way

New “This Girl Can” Ad Addresses Periods, Motherhood & More In A Powerful Way

Sport England has unveiled its latest instalment of the “This Girl Can” campaign, which shuns the advertising trope of women looking glossy and put together while working out and instead shows a more realistic portrayal.

The “This Girl Can” campaign launched in 2015 and has received global praise for showing women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds exercising and having fun while doing it.

Created by agency FCB Inferno, the ads were commissioned by Sport England following a study that found women are less likely than men to engage in physical activity over fears of being judged.

The latest ad features five real women who have used exercise to overcome stress, health related issues and a whole lot more.

A scene that’s received particular praise is the visibility of a woman’s tampon string while she changes into her yoga gear.

Sport England CEO Tim Hollingsworth said: “With the new campaign we’re showing topics that are part of the everyday for women—challenges they can relate to.

“We’ve seen the powerful effect this can have in giving women more confidence with previous campaigns, and will continue to advocate for better provision and share insight with the sport and physical activity sector on how to address the gender gap.”

Social media users have had nothing but good things to say about the ad.

One wrote: “God I wish I’d seen ads like this when I was younger. I was afraid to be active bc I didn’t know all that jiggling was NORMAL.”

Another wrote: “Well thanks to this I’ve just taken my lovely, wobbly backside out for a run in the pouring rain for the first time in years!”

Another said: “Gasped out loud watching. LOVE THIS.”

It even received praise from celebrities like Jameela Jamil.

The campaign is set to air on TV from Jan 17, and is supported by OOH, digital and social creative.


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