Never Not Creative Launch Never Not International Women’s Day Campaign

Never Not Creative Launch Never Not International Women’s Day Campaign

Never Not International Women’s Day is the shaking fist in the face of the world reverting to BAU the day after the ‘inspirational’ speeches, de-rigeur morning teas and all women’s networking events of IWD are done.

In 2020, women bore the brunt of the physical, emotional and financial impacts of the pandemic, whilst simultaneously losing their livelihoods at almost twice the rate of men. This International Women’s day, we say enough really is f*cking enough already.

The campaign launches March 9 and will run 24.7.365 as a thought-provoking, truth-telling, bias-ridding, downright mutinous loop of ideas and musings from women in the creative and associated industries – aimed at changing mindsets and opening eyes on what it’s *really* like to be a woman – running forever or hopefully, until IWD as we know it is redundant.

NNIWD was born out of a looming sense of dread in advance of the usual corporatised observances of International Women’s Day for 2021 by Prue Jones and Ve Dewey – two thoroughly pissed off creative women – and one sympathetic creative guy, Andy Wright, all exhausted by waiting for things to improve organically. 

Jones, a long term veteran of the creative industries, is royally ticked off that nothing much seems to have changed for women in her 25+ years in the profession.

Dewey, a creative with 10+ years in corporate America and the US design industry is totally fed up with the circular conversations that result in zero impact.

And Andy Wright? Andy’s a staunch ally who straight up just wants women to finally get a fair go, and offered the use of his renowned platform, Never Not Creative, to help.

On the platform, speakers including firebrand feminist writer Clementine Ford, Google’s phenomenal Tea Uglow, Creative Director weapon Jess Lilley, badass design leader Tanarra Schneider, and many more, respond to the prompt ‘It will never not be International Women’s Day until…’

“In a society that likes to ‘tick the boxes’ when celebrating initiatives like International Women’s Day, we’re instead hosting authentic dialogues that will continue on well past the 8th of March.”

“And, with women everywhere feeling like they fell asleep in a pandemic and woke up back in the 1950s, we hope that this continuous dialogue will put this backwards trend on rewind,” said Ve Dewey.

Prue simply says, “Think women talk too much? Strap in friend, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Tune in on 9th March to watch the talks…and then tune in every single day after that, because we aren’t going away.

If you’d like to get involved and contribute a talk then the team will be accepting submissions on an ongoing basis. 

You in? 

Say yes and help us fuck off those insipid IWD ‘celebrations’ for good.

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