Nearly Two-Thirds Of Aussies Happy To Pay For News

Nearly Two-Thirds Of Aussies Happy To Pay For News

We live in a world where you can’t move for content. Yet despite the influx of content, the latest research from ThinkNewsBrands shows that the majority of Aussies are happy to pay for news.

A huge 96 per cent of Australians read the news on any given month and, arguably more importantly, the news has been described as a ‘lean-in’ medium because 61 per cent of people pay for access to it.

The latest figures show total news continuing to retain its broad reach across the country, with 20.8 million Australians aged 14+ years consuming news in any given month. Importantly, the figures also illustrate ongoing affinity and trust in total news as readers across all demographics actively lean into the channel, leading to 68 million interactions per week.

An enviably sticky, affluent audience

Figures show Australian news readers are consistently engaged across multiple sources of news content to satisfy diverse interests, with 3 in 5 news audiences reading 3 or more categories in addition to general, breaking news content. The most popular categories after General News (94 per cent) are Property (67 per cent), Sport (60 per cent), Lifestyle & Health (57 per cent), Entertainment & Culture (51 per cent), and Business & Finance (47 per cent).

Special interest category news appeals to early adopters, who are at least 20 per cent more likely than the general population to buy new model cars and be aware of the latest financial products.

Further exploration into the attitudes and behaviours of special interest category readers reveals the strength of Total News in engaging audiences which are influential, interested, and ready to buy. More specifically, readers across the top titles within the Auto, Business & Finance and Lifestyle & Health news categories are 20-35 per cent more likely than the general population to have high discretionary spending. And, these readers are also significantly more likely to be very confident in their financial situation (18-28 per cent across these categories).

Vanessa Lyons, Executive General Manager of ThinkNewsBrands adds, “Aussies eagerly embrace news content across all forms and topics, to stay informed, up to date and entertained throughout the day. These latest audience figures reaffirm that Total News is a consistently relevant, dependable, and commercially beneficial media component for brands and advertisers”.

What’s more, 6 in 10 readers are paying to access written news content, recognition of the value readers see in this channel. Paying news readers are 20% more likely than the general population to be homeowners and big spenders. And on average, hold two times the level of wealth compared to the average Australian ($158,000 in savings/investments vs. $70,000).

News serves as a daily companion, with people consuming news anywhere, in any way.

Total News readers are overwhelmingly multi-channel audiences. While there is heavy digital consumption (19.8 million Australians consume news digitally), more than 1 in 2 engage with both printed and digital news in any given month.

When it comes to the time-of-day that consumers read their news, opportunities abound for advertisers. More than half engage with news before midday, with a steady stream of news

consumption continuing throughout the day. It is clear Aussies enjoy accessing and connecting to news in a multitude of ways; led by reading (55 per cent), followed by watching and listening.

Total News readership

Overall, Total News continues to demonstrate strong scale and reach, with 20.8 million Australians, or 96 per  cent of those aged 14+ years, reading news every month. Furthermore, 16.7 million, or 77 per cent of Aussies, read the news each week; that’s more than common everyday behaviours such as drinking milk, eating fruit and enjoying a coffee.

Demographically, Total News retains eyeballs consistently across all age groups from 14-55+, and significantly, reaches 97 per cent of the highly desirable affluent reader cohort with $150K+ household income.

Readership by demographic and region

Vanessa Lyons emphasises the continued resilience and relevance of Total News in an ever-changing media and market landscape “Marketers and brands continuously seek to deepen their bond and connection with consumers. The latest Total News figures should instil confidence in Australian advertisers that Total News is a lucrative, commercially effective channel for brands to do just that. While the current Australian economic climate remains uncertain and the impacts of global events are unfolding day by day, these figures show that Total News remains a critical element for success in the advertising and consumer engagement toolkit.”

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