Move Over Hipsters, The ‘Yuccies’ Are Coming!

Move Over Hipsters, The ‘Yuccies’ Are Coming!

It looks like Hipsters are going the way of Kodak and will be wiped out by bourgeoisie new breed of Gen Y-ers called “Yuccies”.

Although a dead ringer for the Hipster in looks and taste, Yuccies – young, urban, creatives, and often the cultural offspring of yuppies and Hipsters – covet money and success.

And not only do they enjoy drinking craft beers like Angry Man and Moon Boy from jam jars, they’re happy to pay top dollar for it too, providing it’s in the right kind of watering hole.

“It’s an interesting concept, what these youngsters are doing these days,” Shane Cleary from Murrays Craft Brewing Co tells B&T.


“In Australia about 20 years ago food was the first thing to change. The only alternative to a meat and three veg was the Chinese takeaway, and now you can walk down a street anywhere in Australia and get Turkish, Moroccan or Japanese food.

“Now beer is catching up and one of our recent Imperial Stouts was a massive hit with Yuccies. It had oysters and mussels in it, they couldn’t get enough of it.”

Whereas Hipsters are creative at heart and so don’t worry about high salaries, as “it’s all about the art, man”, Yuccies aspire to riches and tend to chase jobs in the technology industry.

Professor Rob Brooks, director of the Evolution and Ecology Research Centre at the University of New South Wales, released a report in April 2014 claiming we were at ‘peak beard’, and claims it’s only a matter of time before the Yuccies wipe out their poorer rivals.

He told B&T: “The key to trends of all kinds is that as they get more popular, more widespread, they lose their cachet. Just as grunge lost its edge in the mid 1990’s once it spread to Top 40 radio, so it was inevitable that Hipsterism would eventually mate into money, greed and all the most bourgeois impulses.”

Style magazine recently reported: “The Yuccie’s other defining trait is FOMO-triggered anxiety, which sees them living on a knife edge of manic activity and personal ‘brand building’. They’re about as far from the stoner graduate stereotype as it gets.”

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