Monster Inflatable Boob Descends On London To Promote Breast Feeding

Monster Inflatable Boob Descends On London To Promote Breast Feeding

Visitors to London’s Shoreditch area copped a shock over the weekend when a massive inflatable boob and prominent nipple was seen hovering over nearby buildings.

Thankfully, it wasn’t anything too sinister and turned out to be a stunt – held on UK’s Mother Day on Sunday – to help promote the benefits of breast feeding to new mums.

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It was all the work of London agency Mother London who regularly perform stunts about social issues it feels passionate about – in this instance highlighting issues for mums who feel uncomfortable about breast feeding in public.

A spokesperson for the agency said: “It’s hard to believe that in 2017, UK mothers still feel watched and judged when feeding in public, by bottle or breast.

“This is a celebration of every woman’s right to decide how and where they feed their children without feeling guilty or embarrassed about their parenting choices,” the spokesperson said.

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However, as the blow-up boob came sans any copy or tagline, many passersby were left confused as to what exactly was going on. Many people posting the image to social media but insure what exactly it was they were seeing.

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